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Art and cover by PHILIP TAN

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Let me say first that I have never read a hawkman series before until brightest day. This seemed like whats carried forward from the past. At one hand, certain parts of the history have not been erased as we have seen in the previews, Hawkman burns his Nth Metal but then gave a whole new concept.
The art was amazing, the way the background and people were drawn were very unique to himself, much like a cross with captain atom and flash and batwing. Its combination was beautiful grafted. I liked how inticate Hawkman looked during the scene where theres a full on armor and I was indeed shocked by how Hawkman was ushered in with a new concept and new era. This seems like one of the books that would surprise anyone that picks it up. The story was decompressed or overwritten its just of the nice length and theres something very sinister and evil about the villain.

If you’re a new reader you wouldnt be lost in a whole bunch of backstory because they break you into a new story and without erasing the history, I’d say this is a buzzworthy comics. If you’ve never read DC before and have large amount of your collection from marvel, I think you would enjoy this book. ALOT.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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