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  1. Just wanted to point out that even though all the solicitations say 64 pages, the cover says 100

  2. Yep. They decidet to add some pages after the solicitation has been done. Price stays the same, though.

  3. Very nice… over three issues of content for less than the price of two. Even if its 36 pages of notes/sketches/etc, it’s still a good deal.

  4. I think they added the Origin of Daredevil and the Origin of Savage Dragon.

  5. It won’t be notes, sketches, or reprints in the back. Larsen will pack it full of stories. Not that all the stories will be good, but that’s how ol’ Erik does these 100 pagers. I think this is his 4th or 5th 100 page issue and that he’s also done a couple 64 or 80 page issues. I think after every 100 page issue he says "Never again!" but then pumps one out a few years later. 

  6. This is a make it or drop it issue of Dragon for me. The last few issues didn’t do much for me.

  7. Cool, 100 pages!

  8. @miyamotofreak same here.  I read TSD back in the 90s, and figured I’d jump back on at issue 145 or whenever the most recent jumping-on-point was promoted, but just haven’t been digging it.  A little too old-school, a little too cheesy.  I would have cut it for this week, but it’s #150, I figure I have to see what happens…

  9. Funny how the average rating is 7. didn’t know that could happen.

  10. Yeah, I’m going to drop this. Just not for me. 

  11. I am loving this book for most of the reasons people are not into it. This is brain candy. I think Larsen must be aiming for long time fans of comics who can appreciate a compressed, slightly silly, chock full of action with a hint of golden-age goofy. IMO this book is like Double Stuffed Oreos and Big Macs. If you think about icontents too much you know it’s not so good but at a surface level it;s great.

  12. I agree completely, Captain. This is just saccharin sweet goodness. I understand why some might not enjoy it, but it’s totally working for me.

  13. Great issue.

  14. Any pointers on how to store this?  It’s so thick that when i put (well… force) it into a bag, it starts to bow in the middle, and I don’t really want to keep it on my shelf with the trades.  I figure I’ll just buy a single of the next-size-up bag next week, but I was wondering if anyone had a better idea.

  15. Maybe don’t put it in a bag. 🙂

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