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I jumped onto Savage Dragon at Wondercon. I saw the fantastic Wondercon variant cover and knew I had to buy it. So I went up and bought it from Erik Larsen (who in a embarrassing moment I didn’t realize was Erik Larsen). So I came home and read it. I expected something seeing as Ron had it as the POTW, but what I got was some strange mix of the 90’s, the Silver Age, and realism with simplistically colored art. The book delivered big time with a fast and furious intro into the world. The next issue also delivered though it relied on the same tropes as the previous issue. However, the next 4 issues (concluding with this one) fail to deliver. It’s plot seems juvenile. The best description I can give of it is “what Erik Larsen would think would be the best book ever if he was 13”. The plotting is solid just simplistic. Alas, it is not to be with this series.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Every point you made as a minus on these issues are why I am enjoying them. I am loving the brain candy Saturday morning cartoon feel of this book. I can see every point you made as valid and also why most fans wont pick it up but IMO this is sweet relief from most current books.

    Kind of the same way I feel when TCM runs a scary movie from the 50’s or a really bad Sci-Fi flick.

    This is my PB$J book. Sorry you aren’t into it.

  2. @CaptainSweatpants & miyamotofreak:  Good calls by both of you.  I agree with the review, and personally don’t like the comic, but I’m glad I read it (and the first comment here) so that I can get a feel for the people who would like it, so that I can recommend it to certain customers.  Thanks to you both.

  3. Always said it: It’s just not a book for everyone.

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