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I just recently finished reading this series from the miniseries to the
most recent issue. This book has done an amazing job of keeping the
tone even though it keeps changing the status quo.

It’s a fun book, and
it always consistently does something that is out of left field. They
keep coming and are always of a high quality.

 I like how Larsen’s art
has progressed, and I think this version of Overlord is probably the
best since the book started. He’s constantly setting up plots that pay
off months down the road.

 It might not be excellent but it is always
solid. I didn’t care for any of the back ups.

I don’t like that the Mr.
Gloom story line has the daughter running around in a skimpy French
Maid’s outfit. Thor was nothing, and I really don’t care about Vanguard
in the least.

The best thing about this oversized issue was the pin up
by JR jr in the back.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good

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