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  1. I freaking LOVE this comic.  I think I’m the only one but i don’t care.  The title has Been BRILLIANT!  Well…except for this issue taking three years to come out.

  2. I’ve liked it too, Hawkboy. The delay has REALLY hurt the conclusion though, because we have seen a lot of characters back on earth in Final Crisis etc. before we know how they got there.

  3. I’ve enjoyed this book as well, some really fun moments/scenes. But then again, I love me some Joker. And the Rogues. Just too dang bad bout this delay.

  4. And what about that Gorilla fight?  How can people not love a Gorilla fight?  I’ve been wanting to see that since I read reprints of the Doom Patrol in Super Team Family!!!

  5. $3.50?

  6. Ah yeah, I didn’t notice that. it has 10 extra pages, so I guess that’s not so bad. There’s more than enough $3.99 – 22 page books out there.

    I was thinkin’ maybe the delay had to do with continuity issues, clashing with Final Crisis etc. … then I remembered — DC doesn’t give a shit about continuity these days, lol. So, who knows why this was delayed … maybe to draw the 10 extra pages?

  7. Spoilers…spoilers…spoilers…

    So did I miss the comic that bridges the ending of this series with the first issue of Final Crisis…vis-a-vis Martian Manhunter?  I was hoping for a little more with him and was left confused.

  8. Join the club TomO … maybe in future issues of Final Crisis they will fill in the blanks? There is a lot of them to fill!

  9. Maybe that’s how the Martian Manhunter ends up being killed by Libra with such ease – the Martian Manhunter in Final Crisis is just some stooge made up to look like him, and the real one is still stranded on the prison planet.  He’ll probably turn up again in about three years, after the changes brought by Final Crisis have run their course.

  10. Possible spoiler alert:

    The Luthor speech at the end is perfect. 

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