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The epic hit series continues, as Alana and her baby finally reach the legendary Rocketship Forest, where everything changes forever.

Story by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Fiona Staples
Cover by Fiona Staples

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 59.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.8
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  1. Whats happening after this issue? There is no more solicits.

    • That seems to be the case. Looks like nothing until November or maybe later.

    • What?! will Saga be delayed a couple of months?
      That’s a shame, i’m always looking forward to the next chapter…

    • That’s the way it goes these days. Most artists (when they’re just pencilling) can’t even pull a monthly schedule for very long (if at all), and Fiona Staples is doing pencils (or however her digital equivalent works) plus colors on this book.

      So no matter how much lead time they built in before launching, that’s a hell of a schedule to keep.

      This book is awesome, and I’d love to see it come out frequently, but I recognize that it’s made by humans like myself who probably also enjoy things like sleep and personal time.

    • In fairness this is the type of series where you really don’t want rotating artists so if it takes a few months to catch up I’m okay with it.

    • I agree with microwave. A few holes in the monthly publishing schedule are a more than acceptable (dare I say even welcome?) tradeoff in exchange for a stable artist and quality art. Especially in a self contained, independent series.

    • I disagree. I think they could find an artist who is similar to fill in the gaps and the quality of the book wouldn’t suffer. I certainly didn’t feel like Y the Last Man was a lesser book because Pia Guerra didn’t draw every issue

      I especially like some of those issues where the fill-in artist would draw a one-shot story that filled in the world of Y, that would be great for Saga. Alas, it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen in the near future

    • @wangman: I agree that fill-ins were used to good effect in Y:The Last Man, but that’s a book that was partially owned by Vertigo/DC/Warners, so BKV probably only had one vote in the decision to bring in fill-in artists to help Pia get a break while still keeping the book on schedule. If I remember right, the final few issues of Y were delayed a few months so at a certain point keeping the schedule became less of a priority.

      But with Image, we’ve got a different scenario — Saga is a BKV/Staples jam (to whatever degree their agreement with each other stipulates) that Image has no creative stake in. They can do fill-ins if they want (which could be cool), but at this early stage in the story, I think an art change would be undesirable.

      Even Y: The Last Man was pretty well established before Paul Chadwick filled-in (issue 15 or 16, I think).

    • I finally get on board with you guys with this series and there’s going to be a massive delay!?

      I’LL SUE!

  2. I don’t care if I have to wait month’s for each and every issue and a lifetime to see it end, I’d stay on 100%. That is not hyperbole or something I would say with just about any other comic, I hope it isn’t the case but I honestly would rather have a quality book than a rushed mess like a large percentage of what is put out currently.

  3. Considering how delayed most creator owned comics are these days I think it pretty awesome they got six out with no delay. This just gives me time to reread the entire series so far!

    • Yeah, Image books have been coming out late all over the place – it’s like we’re back to where they began!

      But it only sucks because the books have been really good (if something like Deathmate Red never came out the world would be a better place).

  4. P2 (@maudblog) says:

    Trade paperback for the first six issues is in the current Previews (for books coming out in October). Only $10! I’m getting a few to give away to friends who I want to turn on to this series.

    • I have no doubts I will be buying this run in some amazing HC version at some point but I picked up the SC trade purely so I can save my floppies from multiple re-reads and lendings. Great price and I’m hoping for even a tiny bit of bonus content.

    • @Zhurrie: Despite my intentions to never be a double dipper, I’ll probably be in the same boat. I recently bought all the Y: The Last Man trades even though I have 95% of the series in single issues, so there’s some precedent to make BKV smile. I’m actually thinking of finding the Y issues I’m missing so I can try to sell a complete run if a Y movie or TV show ever gets going.

    • I too await the sure to be amazing HC.

    • I might have to check out the trade format of this. Just to see what all the hub ub is about. I read the preview for this issue and it really didn’t appeal to me at all. But I wasn’t expecting to understand what was going on coming in at issue #6 and only seeing about 3 pages.

    • @daningotham: Checking out the trade sounds like a great plan — $10 for six issues worth of extremely satisfying and intriguing sci-fi adventure for the price of two or three Marvel/DC books you stopped truly loving a long time ago and buy mostly out of habit? Can’t beat that.

    • That’s a very eloquent way of putting it, Lol.

  5. So pretty! Loving this crazy story!

  6. Wait… Is Saga definitely gonna miss a few months or are you guys just being reactionary nerds?

    • I think it’s just speculation at the moment. Nothing’s been announced, but the lack of solicits for September and October is a pretty solid indication. My guess is that BKV will touch on it in the letter column.

      Also, what’s with the name calling? No one’s freaking out here. It’s not really reactionary when we’re left to speculate without an official announcement from Image or BKV.

    • BKV has said that they will be taking a couple months off for the trade to come out, and so there aren’t any delays in the middle of arcs.

    • Haha, did someone seriously just get defensive about the use of the word “nerd” on a comic book site?

    • @Suicidalkangarooz – Which is really smart of them. I can dig a break between arcs much more than long waits in the middle of a story. Here’s a natural breather, instead of sporadic delays that throw off the flow of the reading experience. And it lets people hop on with the trade, then pick up in issues going forward, if they want to. Kudos to Vaughan & Staples for handling it this way. (I’d also hate to see a fill-in artist on this series, especially this early on.)

    • Vaughn said, September is off, Oct is the Vol 1 trade, and Issue 7 comes out in November.

    • @Suicidalkangarooz: Well there ya go. Didn’t know that. Awesome. Like many others here, I don’t mind waiting for this series. They can take a year off if they want. Though I hope they don’t.

      @Willups: Haha. I wasn’t being defensive. Guess I could see how my comment would read like that though. I just thought it was funny how he whipped out the “reactionary nerd” card straight outta the gate. Seemed a little premature is all. Nobody was up in arms about the delay.

    • I am OK waiting a month or two for a book to maintain creative integrity but a year? Nope. If I had to wait a year I’d be out and maybe read it several years later in trade.

  7. Man, i got really sucked into this book by all the positive commentary. Now I’m gonna have to wait for the next issue!

  8. I’m all caught up guys! I can finally relish the love of this series on a monthly basis.

  9. Well seeing as how i’ve been waiting for what, almost 8 months for butcher baker #8 3 months off of this should be a breeze.

  10. Hate the delay, but no worries. Speaking of delays, any word on Hickman’s Secret #3 release?

  11. So the guys from Wreath speak Esperanto?

  12. Two months off!? It’s for the right reasons so I’m okay with a full arc followed by a break.

  13. Excellent issue.

  14. Another brilliant issue. Probably my favorite so far. If they’re gonna take a breather (and I applaud their reasons), I think it’s a very appropriate point to do so. They’ve reached a stepping stone plot-wise, but there’s just enough of a cliffhanger in place to keep you fiending for #7. You know shit’s gotten real when the in-laws show up.

    Also, in the letter collumn BKV announces that the first trade is only gonna be $9.99! Shit, I’ll by four of those things and give them out to people for that price!

  15. I could talk about how great this book is for days, but man, how awesome is that letter column? I laughed harder at that than anything else this week.

  16. F**k. Seriously. This may be one of the greatest issues of a comic I have read in my life. Saga is everything right with comics and art. Everything. I am not one to gush about any comic or media but this is so entirely deserved and on another level. For me this is perfection. Thank you to Image, BKV, Fiona Staples, and everyone else involved for creating this book. I really can’t say more than that.

  17. 2 months off?!?…..haha that stinks……………but the 9.99 trade is awesome…..I’ll pick that up.

    This is such a good read.

  18. Ok guys, this series has finally hit the 5 star mark. The hype and the quality have actually aligned themselves. I’m in. Most of the reactions to earlier issues came off, to me, as hype machine butthole lickage, because the book hadn’t established itself and was, in my opinion, only worth 4 stars. Until now. All those 5 star reviews on the series’ promise alone. Guess what? The promise was kept. Shit ruled.

  19. amazing. 5 stars. Wonder Woman was better this week by a razor thin margin, but this is definitely 2nd.

  20. Is it weird that I feel like I can understand/roughly make sense of the language Marko’s race speaks in the book?

    • No, it’s not weird. It’s not too far off from Spanish, so given that (and Fiona’s excellent character illustrations) I got the gist of it.

      As it turns out, the language is Esperanto. You can plug it into Google Translate if you want to find out exactly what everyone is saying.


    • Yeah, I know a fair amount of Portuguese due to being brought up in a Brazilian household, so that probably explains it. Thanks for the info though.

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