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Y: THE LAST MAN writer BRIAN K. VAUGHAN returns to comics with red-hot artist FIONA STAPLES for an all-new ONGOING SERIES!

Star Wars-style action collides with Game of Thrones-esque drama in this original sci-fi/fantasy epic for mature readers, as new parents Marko and Alana risk everything to raise their child amidst a never-ending galactic war.

The adventure begins in a spectacular DOUBLE-SIZED FIRST ISSUE, with forty-four pages of story with no ads for the regular price of just $2.99!

Story by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Fiona Staples

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 76.9%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. I’ve had a chance to read this issue and, people, this is going to be the best thing of 2012. I can promise you, it is like nothing you’re expecting it to be. It’s a good thing.

  2. If you live in NYC, you have two chances to meet BKV this week!

  3. Come on, lets all pull this and keep it at the top of the chart!

    I’ve not seen Fiona Staples art before but it looks beautiful, and I have loved (not liked, loved) everything BKV has written.

  4. The great thing about the ending of Ex Machina is that it’s lower my expectations for this.

    Nah, this should be pretty awesome although i might pick up the first issue than swap to trades

  5. All over this. It’s sci-fi, fantasy, and sounds so original! Cannot wait!

  6. I can already see this as pick of the week. Its like I can see the future or something.

  7. There is a lot of hype over this book and from the previews maybe it deserves it. I hope so.

  8. There is no way this will meet my ridiculously high expectations, but I know this will be awesome, regardless

  9. So stoked for this after reading his AMA on reddit’s r/comicbooks

    Here’s the link in case you’re curious:

  10. Hope this lives up to the hype!

  11. Finally, it’s here! Can’t wait to finally read it.

  12. Count me in!

  13. I haven’t cared for most of Vaughn’s work in the past, but I’m willing to give it a shot. If anything, Staples’ art will be fucking gorgeous.

    • I am surprised that you did not like Y: The Last Man. Very few people that I have talked to have ever had anything but positive feedback for those books. Whay didn’t you like about them?

  14. I hope this is the cover, I thought it might be changed because of all the bitching about a woman breast feeding being inappropriate and that someone’s dumb kid might not be able too handle the beauty of a new born being fed.

    • I thought that whole thing was silly. I really didn’t understand the other artists problem with it. I think it’s one of those things that if you know what’s happening you’ll get it, if you don’t it just a woman holding a baby.

      I think the cover captures perfectly what I want from this series. How do you raise a child in this hostile alien world. Go!

    • @Zeppo agreed,,This should be some epic sci fi by Vaughan

    • i wonder if the people bitching are pro-formula fed babies. is that the problem? have breasts become so oversexualized in all forms of media that some people think they have become inappropriate for children?!? technically, that’s what breasts are for. feeding children.
      i’m sure there are things that i haven’t considered in this semi-short comment, but i feel like some people are taking crazy pills.
      all children should be breast fed if possible. it makes them like the bionic man: bigger, smarter and faster.
      breasts should not make anyone any more uncomfortable than exposed toes in flip-flops

    • rant much?

    • @sitara why say sorry, It’s a great rant

    • Ya theres definitely evidence that breast feeding improves brain development and .. basically a given that it improves the babies immune system. Even months fed make a difference form what i understand. ………..On another note.. this series is the one im most looking forward to this year.

    • If we can see it while eating at an Olive Garden, we damn well better be able to see it on a comic book cover!

  15. All i’m saying is according to is that Fatale #1 is already worth 20$ and the manhattan projects is on fire and is up to 6$ after its first week.
    They are even selling for over that on ebay and if those are any indications this title will be pretty damn hot to. better grab a couple if you can. I have a strong hunch this will follow The walking dead and Chew and high dollar indy books.

  16. Is it wrong if I just make this POTW now?

    • I really want to, I’m getting five other books this week. Three of which have been my Potw in the past, but I can’t see how this can go wrong.

      The only thing I’m afraid of is BKV pulling his usual trick and leaving us on a Killer first issue cliff hanger

    • i’m curious on this will end up being received…with so much hype i wonder if people are expecting the pages to emanate the golden light of the gods when they read it. Change their lives and solve all the worlds problems with the panels =)

      i mean i dunno if any #1 issue can live up to this buzz.

      still looking forward to it though

    • So you’re saying I should cancel my ‘BKV Solved My Life Problems’ party?

    • I’m expecting a fun introduction to these two characters, no more, no less.


    Wait, that makes me sound like a 14 year old girl. Damn it.

    (I am not a 14 year old, nor am I a girl).

    Umm… yeah. Hooray for BKV!

  18. is this released same day digital?

  19. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this excited for a new comic! I’m so happy that every new Image book has been delivering on it’s greatness: Thief of Thieves, Hell Yeah, Peter Panzerfaust, and Fatale, are all fantastic, and Manhattan Projects #1 may be one of my all-time favorite first issues.

  20. So my favorite BKV thing is Runaways and it’s safe to say this is completely different but I cannot wait.

  21. God, I would kill to buy BKV a beer.

  22. gee, i wonder what the POTW is going to be this wednesday?
    i’m excited for this.

  23. He is back. Rejoice

  24. I’ve read this and in my opinion it loves up to the hype. There is no reason for anyone to not at least try this.
    Personally, I’m buying three copies and hoping to hook some friends.

  25. Wow, top of the pull list! I know it’s BKV finally back but… wow. Between this and the Manhattan Project last week and Peter Panzerfaust and everything else, Image is on fire! Obviously I’m really looking forward to this.

  26. Don’t forget about Americas Got Powers Guys!
    I’m really looking forward to that as well as MIND THE GAP.
    + SAGA rounds out my trio of Image books I’m trying.
    And I have to say, I wish I gave creator owned a shot much much sooner!

    • Image has been laying waste to everyone lately. If you’ve been enjoying the creature owned stuff they’ve been putting out recently, go back and check out stuff like Chew and Luther Strode. Plus, if you like super hero stuff, you really need to read Invincible. Best super hero book on the shelves. Some stuff can be hit or miss, but most of the stuff they put out is leaps and bounds above what Marvel or DC put out. Just my opinion, though.

  27. Whats Luther Strode about?

  28. Hhhuuurrrmmmmmm…
    Sound interesting!
    Thank you tomistommy

  29. Its great to have a BKV comic out again. It’s like coming home.

  30. I CAN”T WAIT …BKV is back!

  31. This kind of looks like that comically silly sci-fi fantasy comic that the character Ed was working on in Box Office Poison

  32. Always nice to see a creator owned book get the top pulls spot.

  33. I’m with kangarooz, The Manhattan Projects was the best #1 I’ve read in years and I don’t think it’s possible for this not to top that. So happy to be a comic fan 🙂 Don’t forget to pick up Peter Panzerfaust #2 though!

  34. Sweet Jesus! 59 comments! I was gonna wait to hear the buzz but I literally just called my LCS and added it to my list. BKV has yet to let me down. Can’t wait to see him try his hands at full-blown sci-fi.

  35. Been looking forward to this book ever since it was first announced. Cannot wait!!

  36. Image is killing it this year. wow!

  37. Well it really looks like it’s going to happen.
    A creater book wins most pulled!

  38. Well over a thousand pulls huh? Is this a fashionable comic or is it really going to be something good? Can someone please tell me what this book is really all about and why it is so hot already and it is not even Wednesday? I mean is it a writer or artist thing or is this really me cutting edge, the next Star Wars type deal? I have had a 80% success rate in purchasing a comic because of everyone here at IFanBoy however, the 20% unsuccessful have been very bad!! I guess I need to check it out in the store tomorrow and see what the hype is all about.


    • It’s the new comic by Brian K. Vaughan, the guy who wrote Y: The Last Man and other such modern classics, so it’s kind of a big deal. Also, it’s going to have awesome art.

      Give it a shot. The worst that can happen is you’re a few dollars down and have tried something new.

    • Brian K Vaughan got rave reviews from many people during his Y: The Last Man creator driven series. It would be like having another great science fiction comic series, which doesn’t rely on cliches and visual gimmicks.

    • Like the others have said really, Y the last man was my first trip out of marvel comics. BKV blew me away and should me what a creator with a vision can do.

      While the concept is interesting (two aliens on the run trying to raise their baby, in the middle of a war) it’s the creator I’m buying this for, and probably would regardless of the subject matter.

    • I would decide quickly though because this bitch is going to sell out quickly. You’ve been warned.

    • You won’t find a comic for $2.99 to top this. Aside from the creator, the general buzz (which is beyond deserved), and just about everything else with this one, it will be the most comic you’ve gotten for your money in a very long time. Possibly ever.

  39. advice is simple pick up 3 copys keep one , sell on in a few weeks then sell the 3rd at a much later date. you make your money back in a few weeks , you get a good chunk profit later on and you get a collectable simples….

  40. Welp, that was easy, POTW.

  41. This was so good, it’s just insane.. And i need more of it.

  42. Robot sex was so weird and creepy

  43. well that was weird….but very interesting. There is a very unique world and story being developed here. Staples art was really nice. I’ll stick around and join “the family” for a little while =)

  44. I’m not generally a huge fan of full-on sci-fi / fantasy, but the great characters, dialogue and art hit all the right notes for me. Not to mention that I spent a good solid half-hour reading the thing. For $2.99, there is no reason not to pick this up.

  45. Wow. Just wow.

    Comics are so much better with Brian K. Vaughan back in the picture.

    And Fiona Staples is amazing as well.

  46. I was baffled by the Game of Thrones comparison when it was first solicited, seemed like it was trying to tap into something, but I get it now. It felt like the GOT’s pilot, a lot of complex new characters to keep track of.

    This issue had all I wanted, I met Marco, Alana and Hazel, I like them and really fear for their safety.

  47. WOW!! This is a MUST READ……

  48. This book proves that sometimes hype exists for a reason. I’m happy to join the chorus and praise this issue. One thing that stuck out to me, was the design of everything. The settings, clothing, and crazy humanoid-animal people were all just, fuckin cool looking. This is my first exposure to Fiona Staples, and she won me over easily. The extra-sized first issue was a fantanstic idea, it really helped by covering a lot of the world building in one go. I thought the request for snail-mail by BKV in the back page was cool too.

  49. Gah! I ordered this online put something went wrong with the order!!!!
    Now I have to wait longer!!!!!

  50. Wow! While I was reading I was thinking of all the cool backstory there must be for all the races and worlds. I can’t wait to learn more about this cool galaxy! Beautiful art and amazing characters! ^^

  51. A great read. Looking forward to how it all unfolds.

  52. Welcome back BKV! Pick of the week!

  53. Really cool book, I love how far out bkv is taking some of the concepts, I was really taken aback by the double splash toward the end. I like turtles.

    Great stuff, looking forward to the next one.

  54. Just finished reading this. Wow. What a great read.

  55. This story is HUGE!!!
    Already amazing characters. A wonderful hero named Marko? Who would have thought.
    POW 4 Life

  56. Was I the only person who was lukewarm on this? The world made no sense, and I didn’t care about any of the characters. Big disappointment from BKV, one of my favorites.

    • i loved how little sense it made. sometimes confusion is a great sign of something new and original.

    • Great first issue. putting the 44pg ad free value aside, this world, strike that, GALAXY, is huge. In one issue BKV showed the scope of the world of Saga and I for one, am excited to be a part of the next few years of experiencing it.

    • that second one was meant as a new thread/comment whoops

    • I didn’t feel it either to be honest. I’m just not one for these zany, over-the-top fantasy/sci-fi worlds. Didn’t like it in Star Wars, didn’t like it in Heavy Metal, didn’t like it in Judge Dredd, didn’t like it in Transmet, didn’t like it here.

  57. I don’t think it’s even fair to have a PotW this week. That said, this was a fantastic first issue. The robot sex was indeed odd and unexpected but I don’t think I could be more ready for a second issue.

    Also, I totally want to win something for writing in. Yay for having BKV back!!

  58. I loved the simplicity of the story, very easy to read and fantastic art. Marko’s expression after the birth was heartwarming.

  59. I need to rethink my entire pull list now. I have some great books on my pull list and I’m really enjoying them but after reading this I need to rethink my opinion of what a 5/5 comic is. This was incredible on every level, excuse me while I go trim my pull list and re-rate some titles that are no longer worthy of a 5/5 rating in a universe where this exists. It’s soooo good to have Brain back writing comics!

  60. What an entertaining, strange first issue. We’re in for an exciting journey with this series. Fiona Staples’s beautiful art is perfect for this.

  61. Holy crap.

    I do believe i’m a changed man after reading this.

    I wanted to think this was just another over hyped, fanboy crazed, flash in the pan creater owned hype machine…….
    man was I wrong. This was stunning.
    Ifanboy, i’ll never doubt you again! I still don’t understand your lack of love for suicide squad but ya… this was pretty epic. glad i picked this up.

  62. I rate my books by the quality of the paper they’re printed on, so I’ll have to give this book 5 stars!

    Seriously, this is one heavyweight mutha with an extra long page count on *really* nice paper stock all for 2.99. THIS is how you debut a new series.

  63. Just finished this book and I don’t think I’ve ever swooned this hard over a first issue. I’m so in love with this world and it’s characters.

  64. i’m writing this in a hurry so excuse the usual nonsensical language errors

    My arsehole no-fun side thinks:

    Firstly, fundamentally, it’s hard to take sci-fi about random haphazard techno babble (or lord of the rings style exposition babble) seriously. I get the feeling non-comic fans would look at this and think it’s really really silly and truthfully they’re not wrong. This isn’t sci-fi about the human condition, it’s a device to make giant hairless cats talk.

    Secondly, the main characters (who are basically furries) were a bit too hip for my liking. Gaiman’s Sandman had that painful Goth culture taint; i get a punky/scene kid/emo sense which influences teh reading experience. I know that’s judgmental and swallow but, hey, that’s the world we live in

    MORE IMPORTANTLY the part of me that enjoys comics thinks:

    Brain K. Vaughn has a difficult to quantify writing ability. He’s pacing and dialogue have a lyrical quality. It’s engrossing. The exchanges between characters are so much fun. He’s talent makes the above comments a moot point. There’s no high concept that is more outlandish than another; EXECUTION matters more.

    So, yeah, I liked the book

  65. Avatar photo Parri">Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Is anyone taking odds on this getting a higher PoTW percentage than Batman #5?

    (Batman #5 got 94.7%, fact fans.)

  66. This was a book that had me doing something I almost never do: reading it again right away. I read it, enjoyed it, but the more I continued with my stack the more my mind was tugged back to this strange universe presented in Saga, juxtaposed with the extremely (pardon the nomenclature) down-to-earth and relatable relationship. I read it again and was struck by what this book possessed that so few others do: wonder. Effortless, unobtrusive wonder. It seems grand and epic, but it’s heart is firm and at the forefront.

  67. Avatar photo Parri">Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    This is the first time I’ve read BKV in issues, rather than trades. I want to dive head long into issue two NOW God damn it.

  68. Did anyone else’s shop have problems with this one? It sold out in record time, because the white covers got damaged in shipping. Even the manager didn’t get a copy! I really hope I get one on the re-order.

  69. my wife and i had a home birth with no drugs involved. finally, i found a comic that portrays a REAL woman. not saying comics don’t have great role models for women, but wonder woman would probably laugh during child birth. who needs drugs when you have superpowers.
    also, this is a comic that my wife likes that isn’t batman. she read it cover to cover. she almost never does that. she thought it was very romantic. i have to agree. so this book got it’s meat hooks in me and spoke to me on a very personal level from the first few pages.
    the use of “wing bleeding” as a metaphor for circumcision is brilliant. “what is cultural about mutilating an infant?!” “religious, barbaric nonsense!” BRILLIANT.
    this book seems to have a lot to say about issues in the world. issues that are important to me and my family. whether it’s political, religious or domestic. and it’s very clever how BKV goes about it.
    5/5 POTW

  70. If you haven’t yet, read it a second time. For me it was much more emotional after a second reading.

  71. One of the funniest things about this issue was the gag when Marko mentioned a grease Monkey and then A few panels later seeing an actual monkey in a mechanics suit. It really paid off

  72. I’m not ignoring BKV but fuck me, jesus h and a lot more expletives, Fiona Staples is amazing. This is fully formed beautiful universe she has created. I’m in for the long haul.

    Oh, I wish I’d bought three or four copies. Not to try and make money down the line,but to lend, give away and cut up and frame panels.

  73. I just do not get why everyone is falling ass backwards for this book!?!?! It’s an ok book. Just ok. The art was, ok.

    • And I am not trolling here. I just genuinely don’t get it. And i know to each one’s own, but damn…the adoration this book is receiving is dumbfounding.

    • Not sure what is so confusing for you. It’s exciting when one of the best writers in the medium launches a new series that, in most peoples opinion, exceeds the insanely high expectations with its first issue.
      It must suck to be you if you can’t enjoy something that 99% of everyone else seemed to think was awesome.

    • @JesseG: Okay, let’s respect other people’s opinions. Not every book is for everyone. Nothing is universally acclaimed.

    • iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 76.4% doesn’t quite equate to 99%, sunshine. Thank you Conor for your request of civility. I guess i should keep my opinion to myself; especially when it its contrary to 76.4% of the iFanbase.

    • My bad Rah, I thought this was really great and overreacted a little when replying to your slightly negative comment. Nothing personal…

  74. This was the greatest first issue I’ve ever read. So fucking excited for more!

  75. An all around awesome book!

  76. I loved it!!! It felt like an R rated Adventure Time!!!

  77. I know I’m in the minority here – but I thought this was a bit of a let down. It’s not bad, but it’s not anything unusually good. I may read SAGA #2 just to give it another chance, but… Y: THE LAST MAN had me at hello. SAGA didn’t. (yet)

  78. Absolutely stunning first issue. This book was poetry in motion. Stuff like this raises the bar by demonstrating what can be accomplished with a comic. I can’t say enough good things about the writing and the art. Not putting this series down

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