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S.W.O.R.D. #2

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  1. Better than the last cover, but Cassaday really phoned it in.

  2. Anything would have been better than the last cover…Tbh, Cassaday seems to phone it in most of the time nowadays. 

    Anyway, on topic, while they are all pretty different from each other in approach, this is definitely my favourite Marvel series Gillen is writing. Not to say it’s anyway near the same level (there’s only been one issue), but it actually reminds me a lot of Top 10. It’s very fast paced and the tone is very light and humourous, however the characters aren’t punchlines, or throw aways at all, and so far hint to a lot depth. Perhaps most of all I see the similarity in that they are both stuffed with imaginative ideas and situations. A single panel may contain some cool idea, that another comic would (justifiably) center a whole issue on. 

    Obviously there has been only one released so far, so I’m probably projecting quite a bit, but I’m loving it and hope it keeps getting better.

  3. This comic is hot. I would gladly give birth to its Goat-Beast babies.

    Seriously, though, I feel like this book was written for me. I sincerely hope it gets to last for a while.

  4. I picked the first issue up last week, it was a quiet week for me, and I was curious. It literally had me at hello. I was suprised how much I enjoyed this series. I have been looking for a successor to Whedon’s X-men run, it wasn’t Ellis on Astonishing, it wasn’t Danger in Legacy…it’s this book. SWORD #1 was a great intro.

  5. This book is a blast, but my god the goat/dog/donkey Beast has got to go.

  6. @themanagement: Don’t take away my Goat-Beast! Hands down best Beast design of all time. It just fits his character so well.

  7. @themanagement – It’s funny. When Frank Quitely drew Beast with a snout nobody batted an eyelid.

  8. A lot of shit is still going down fast and at the same time in this issue and I really like that. I love the fast pace/all alien concepts/staight foward direction about what is S.W.O.R.D. on a second to second basis. Infinite plot lines all at once. Love this two issue old book.


  9. A bit disappointed with the second issue (after splurging over the first). Great ending though.

  10. Can anyone explain who or what the silver guy in the brig is? I feel like I should know him, but I’m drawing a blank.

  11. @theswordisdrawn I believe when Frank Quitely drew his Beast there were quite a few blinking eyelids. Several people went into some sort of eyelid seizure over that beast.

    I think the silver guy is a wholly new construction, but I could be wrong. I am also loving this, but also am having trouble with the Chester Cheetah beast. It is just so distracting. Sanders definitely has a more cartoony style, but his beast is just three notches beyond everything else (well, except maybe Death’s Head, the design of which I was not enamored with either). Why is Beast the only character in the book to have transformed unrecognizably? However, if the writing keeps up I will just have to get used to it Not Being Easy Being Cheezy. 


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