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S.H.I.E.L.D. #3

The surprise hit of the year marches on! In this issue, discover the secrets of Sir Issac Newton, see how Galileo defeated Galactus long before the Fantastic Four ever did and find out why Leonardo da Vinci traveled over 400 years to do. All of this from the twisted minds of writer Jonathan Hickman (FANTASTIC FOUR) and superstar in the making Dustin Weaver (X-MEN LEGACY)!


Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Nice!

  2. Please let this be good, please let this be good.


    ……Oh please let this be good. 

  3. Had to think really hard before I hit the PULL button. This had better give me anything to hold on to besides the "big idea" real quick, or I be out.

  4. It’s $3 every two months. Why would anyone drop this?

  5. Pick of the week for sure.

  6. Wicked cover,,cant wait for this.

  7. Feels like this came out just last month! 

  8. That synopsis is quite a mindfuck

  9. I feel like I’m punishing myself for picking this up again. Yeah, the art is impeccable, but the story has just been a huge miss that I can’t justify the book being good solely because of the art. This is like a G-Mo story without the wit or fun. I guess I’m just picking this up to see if they can REALLY go another issue with an ambiguous plot and a main character with no personality or attributes.

  10. Hickman knows real-world hidden history and secret society lore very well and weaves those ideas into the story quite nicely. You have to be familiar with some of the history and concepts behind what he’s writing here to enjoy it on a deeper level, but if you are it’s a helluva ride.

  11. I may trade wait this series.  Two month wait time for a Hickman book is just too much.  I can’t remember stuff week to week, let alone two months.  I’m totally digging the art and premise though.

  12. Yeah, considering tradewaiting especially because if this is a 60 issue book, then it’ll take 10 years to finish.

  13. If this wasn’t a bi-monthy book I wouldn’t be so worried about the story. Now I’ve enjoyed this for the most part. Even I’ll admit though now, I’d like to see some advancement in the story.

  14. this books is totally worth it!

  15. Issue #2 was a bit nebulous for me.  This issue will decide whether or not I’ll drop this title.

  16. LOVEIT! loveitloveitloveit! I really like not knowing what the hell is really going on, which is odd for me. I like how there are so many huge ideas hinted at, from the introduction of the senior Richards and Stark, to the secretive organisations and historical galactus encounters.

    There is just so much to speculate on and imagine, that even though there is not a lot of character moments and we hardly know anyone in the book, I find myself drawn to each person in the book, speculating on what they are and what they want.

    Fascinating is not a word I would usually use for a comic, but it really is.

  17. I think there’s enough given to the reader to latch on despite the ambiguity but apparently that’s not true for some…

    I love this book so far.

  18. I think issue #2 completely lost me… I’m not sure I remember what happened…. feeling like this might be a easier/better read in trade…

  19. this issue is my make or break isue. Since there is no real back-matter that sheds any light on this like a letter column, I might trade wait on this. I thikn the art is gorgeous, but last issue was too murky for me.

  20. There’s quite a drop between #2 and #3 pulls. It’s still early yet, though.

  21. @JJ nice little slide there.

  22. Issue 2 was amazing, can’t wait get issue 3 from dcbservice. 

  23. The bi-monthly schedule and the slooooow pacing is really hurting this book.

    This was a solid issue and I like where the story is going. But the pacing of this book is too slow, especially if Hickman knew if it was a bi-monthly book before release. Art was pretty good though.


  24. Well, TNC – your review just got this book de-pulled.  Hopefully whenever it wraps up, if it is good, they’ll be a nice fat trade that I can pick up in a year or two.

  25. @Vada: ? You lost me. Do expound…

  26. @grandturk: Might as well just keep pulling the book. I mean it takes two months for each issue so it’ll feel like you keep dropping it every month. 🙂

  27. @JJ I was kidding. I was implying that you were implying that the material in these books was too heady for me.  I was kidding.  The ‘slide’ part was saying that you slid in a little dig at me.

  28. I don’t completely know what is going on here, but screw it, Isaac Newton boning some monster-broad is good enough for me. 

  29. My local LCS failed me like Starscream. I didn;t get my copy this week.

  30. I understand the reason for the bi-monthly schedule, but I worry it’s killing the momentum of this book. That said, I love what Mr. Hickman is doing here. He’s introducing new ideas into the Marvel Universe and telling some fantastic stories along the way. 4/5

  31. I enjoyed reading about the five fold method but was I the only one who felt it wasn’t clear when the story switched focus from Galileo to Newton?

  32. that Galileo switch to Newton was weird, especially from my perspective as the reader. I’m not smart enough for this book. At least it has pretty pictures lol. J/k. I just cant wait till I figure out what is going on say I can have that big "Ohhhhhhhh" moment.  

  33. I wish that other comics being released nowdadays were half as intelligent and original as this book.

  34. I’m such a tool…  I didn’t understand a damn word of this issue, and still I loved every single one of them.

  35. It seems that Galileo and the Pope are destined to not get along regardless of the reality.

    Poor, poor Galileo.

  36. This was make or break for me, but I’m so glad I picked this up – it was fantastic. It clarified in my mind what was gong on in issues 1-2, and I loved the Gregorian calendar explanation at the end.

    I’m now very excited for the rest of this series. 5 stars (what a turnaround for my hate of issue 2!)

  37. I was going to give it a four until the last 2 pages with the letters back and forth then changed it to 5. 

    I think I may have to start rereading the past issues before reading the new one to help remember what exactally is going on.

  38. Wow … absolutely loving this book so far … the artwork is phenomenal and the story, while obtuse and obscure, has me hooked. I, for one, don’t mind waiting two months to see what happens next. And, after this issue, also don’t understand why people are complaining about having to read previous issues over again. The story is complex enough that you’d have to anyway even if this were coming out weekly.

    BRAVO to Hickman, Weaver, et al. THIS is why I read comic books!

  39. The Galileo/Newton switch was more confusing to me, because I knew Newton was born the same year Galileo died: 1642. Newton achieved his greated accomplishments in the so-called Anno Mirablis of 1666. The dating of everything else implied Newton was born much earlier and knew Galileo.

    The simple solution is that SHIELD mucked with all the dates of birth to hide the immortality of Newton, who was still operational in 1727, at something like 120 years old. Nostradamus similarly has trouble matching up chronologically, but I think he also was on to some life-extending magic (he was born in 1503). 

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