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  1. Umm, finally!   I don’t even remember what was happening.

  2. @darminion I have the same problem with this book, but I realized with the last issue I literally don’t care. About halfway through I remember enough to keep going and just ride with it and love the hell out of it. I loved that last issue. Makes me sad Joss can’t keep the monthly schedule. Maybe if he did a Runaways graphic novel…

  3. THANK GOD JOSS IS LEAVING THIS BOOK!  I LOVE Joss Whedon, (I have a Buffy action figure collection) but I want this book to be on more than a quarterly schedule.  Maybe this arc is fantastic but I would have no idea because I have wait 3 months between each issue.  Bring it on Terry Moore.  I’m ready.

  4. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @DARMINION . . . . This has been a fabulous story. It’s sort of like Gangs Of New York, but in San Francisco. Molly’s adorable, there’s a freaking cannibal in it, and Chase may reunite with Gert. Last winter, this book and Powers were kicking so much ass ("The 25 Coolest Dead Super Heroes Of All Time" great title lol), but these delays are a killer.      

  5. Yeah I won’t be picking this up. I only started to read this series because Whedon took over (when was that 5 issues and 15 months ago??), and I actually went back and read every Runaways comic and enjoyed them. But I don’t care anymore.

  6. Man, I am so glad to see an issue of this come out. I started reading the trades and have been hungry for more since I finished them all. My daughter will be happy for this as well.

  7. @flapjaxx — there’s only one issue left, and there will be a new writer soon.  It seems a little silly to drop now!

  8. @darminion  Me too!!  Everytime it comes out I have to try and remember if I’m getting this in issues or in trade.  I’m doing issues, but I it would have been smarter in trade.  I’ve lost a lot of love I have for Runaways…ready for New Writer!!!

  9. As much as I love the Whedon I have to admit that his run on Runaways has been a huge disappointment. Scheduling aside there is just too much story here for six issues.

    Also, is it just me or does it seem like they’re setting up some kind of spinoff with the 1900 gang.

  10. Thank God this is over. Whedon sapped every bit of momentum this book had.  And for what? A time travel story set in 1900?  Not only was the story out of place for a series like Runaways, but it was impossible to follow due to the delays. I never read Strangers in Paradise, but I’m already looking forward to this book getting a fresh start. 

  11. I actually stopped reading the single issues two issues ago. I just figured I would wait until this came out and I would read them altogether. 

  12. I thought this was a great ending to the story.  Though it helps that I reread the first five issues yesterday night as a refresher.  The complete story is definitely more interesting than the individual issues.

  13. Definitely not worth the wait but it’s a nice story that will read well in one sitting.  I can’t wait to get back to a monthly schedule.

  14. I agree with everybody that I’m glad that Joss’s run is coming to a end.  Now he’ll have more time to work on his new show 🙂

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