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ROBIN #177

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  1. WTF @ Written by Chuck Dixon

  2. @jbob247 – What’s the question?

  3. OK I went back and looked at say 176 for example. The solicitation still credits Dixon as the writer when the comic book I have in my hand states otherwise.

  4. Can I just say… That is one awesome cover!

  5. @jbob247 – Ah.  That means that DC Comics hasn’t updated their solicitation info, which is not surprising because neither they nor Marvel ever really do.

  6. So, the last issue ended with Jason Todd (I assume) pulling out a Robin costume.  Any chance we get any of that in this issue or do you think that will be saved for the post RIP batman issues?  I am not a Jason Todd fan, but the total disarray that the Bat family is facing could only be ratcheted up with his return.

  7. I’m still lost what this has to do with two face.  The solicitation doesn’t say anything about him.

  8. @CharlieBlix That’s because the guy in the cover isn’t Two-Face, it’s Cluemaster.

  9. Umm…. so why does he look like two face?… I’m lost.  Did I miss something?

  10. is this a continuation of the RIP storyline from last issue?

  11. It’s not an official RIP tie-in, but I’d be interested to know if this continues the story from the last two issues before I bought it.

  12. It looks like the solicit posted here is not even remotely what the book will look like.  This appears to be confirmed by Fabian Nicieza (though that could be fake).  The actual cover is here:  (Again, I assume it is OK to post links like this.  If not please let me know and delete the post.  Thank you.)

    IF that is the real cover then I am 100X more interested in this issue than I was 5 minutes ago.

  13. Wrong cover, wrong writer … what the hell is DC doing with it’s solicits???

    I was 50/50 about picking up this issue until I saw the "real" cover. Now I’m definitely on board. 

  14. WadeWilson- This is’nt the real cover?

  15. Nevermind, I read stuclach’s post.  That cover is definitely interesting…

  16. I think that if DC would get their shit together (I know this Dixon mess is throwing them for a loop) and post the correct solicit for this book it would get more pulls.  The cover from the link I posted is pure badass.  If you scroll further down on the page I linked to you will also see a cover for a future issue that is even more impressive.  If those covers are representative of what the interiors will look like then I am on board for the longhaul.

  17. Tim Drake vs. Jason Todd.  Win.

  18. I can’t wait to read this issue, and if that other cover is the real one then good move by DC.

  19. @stuclach — DC should thank you, your post sold this book to me.

    Seriously, how hard is it to update information on a website? I’m guessing DC would have professional web guys whose sole job would be to run the site. When 90% of comic readers probably get thier comic information online, why would they leave mistakes on thier website? I’m confused.

  20. This has been the third issue of Robin in five weeks. I know they were behind, and we went for like two months without an issue, but… jeesh. I guess I’ll read this since I liked the tone Nicieza took during the last two issues.

  21. Wow, the real cover to this issue looks a lot more intriguing than the original one.

  22. @WadeWilson – I will get on the horn with Didio and ask for my $3.00 check.

    You really do have to wonder how much work it would be to update these solicits on Saturday before the books go out.  I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t look at solicits more than a few days in advance because I want to avoid spoilers.

  23. I can confirm that the cover image on the page I linked to is the actual cover of the book.  It looks nice.

  24. This was my Pick of the Week.

    Anybody else think that the mysterious Red Robin is Azrael, because I have a bad feeling…

    Any ideas why Spoiler would want Robin dead?

  25. @Kory – Dude, spoilers.  I already read it, but not everyone has.

    I agree that this was really good.  Captain America edged it for me for POTW.

  26. Sorry, I get excited.

  27. I can dig that.

  28. @Stuclach- when you said no spoilers, no pun intended right?

  29. @Kory – Every pun I have ever made was absolutely intended.

  30. Liked it a lot… didn’t love it, but I gottA know who iZ undeR thAt REd Robin cowL

    I hate Tim’s sideburns…. he’s too young for that. 

    I love Tim’s internal dialogue about tough decisions.  

  31. When I first considered that Azrael is under the Red Robin costume, I scoffed at the idea.  Now after some thought I would be disappointed if it is’nt him.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m loving the Bat-family turning into an episode of Jerry Springer.

  32. @BatStewie – Is there an age limit on sideburns?

  33. @conor – I’m just jealous because I can’t grow them. On Tim, it just makes him look too old for my tastes. He may as well have a Mark Spitz moustache.

  34. @BatStewie- Judging by the way things are going with Bruce, I think DC is trying to grow up Tim quick, hence the sideburns.

  35. I hade sideburns and a goatee at the end of high school.

  36. Who was the girl at the end who claimed to have already killed a Robin? As far as I know, the two Robin’s who have been killed (if you count Spoiler as the temporary Robin) are both alive, and neither of them were killed by a girl. Am I missing something?

  37. @conor- As did I.  I did’nt agree with the notion that sideburns have an age limit.  But people always thought I was a few years older than I was.

  38. @Wade- I have no clue who that woman is.  Maybe she was the one who "killed" Stephanie.

  39. @Kory – Nah dude, that was Black Mask & like you said, it didn’t even really happen. The other Robin to die (he actually did die & was brought back to life in the most bullshit way of all time) was Jason Todd & as we all know he was killed by the Joker. So, I have no clue who this girl is or who she was talking about.

    I liked the issue by the way. I just found the gang stuff a little … off. At first I couldn’t figure why all these "gangs" were fighting like it was 1920 (with thier clothes style even) when there is so many supervillain type gangs who would use firearms. Then it’s explained they are "young gangs" & I can go with that (even though gangs using bats etc in a big city is silly, it’s a comic so I’ll go with it) but the gangs were all drawn as adults.

    Wow, big complaint over such a small thing, but thats how I roll, lol.

    The rest of the issue was sweet, I love the Red Robin & Jason Todd stuff, the ending has me wanting more (information) and the artwork was REALLY good.

  40. The different gangs fighting over turf and getting ready to go after the G.C.P.D gave me a little flash back to No Mans Land. I liked it. 

  41. I wish I could grow sideburns.

  42. I’m just guessing but I think they changed covers because this one might be too spoilery. This could explain who is in the Red Robin costume and why Spoiler is looking for a "robin" to be eliminated who she has a complicated relationship with.  If this is where they’re going, then I think I liked this issue a lot more than when I read it.

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