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ROBIN #171

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  1. This book and Nightwing are more fun then the batman books right now for me.

  2. Dixon’s last issue was excellent, and was much better than anything Milligan had done.  I’m looking forward to this one as well.

  3. I dropped this book when the writer changed but I picked it up when I saw Chuck Dixon had taken over. I was worried I’d  be picking up the story in the middle of an arc but that first page with "Who got some flavor?" was pretty funny. Had to go for it. Dixon has to work on the getto slang though. Not terribly convincing. And it’s hard to imagine a kid like Robin when riding around the neighborhood not getting trashed on by kids in the Gotham equivilant of West Baltimore.

  4. Yeah, I don’t see how Robin gets to ride around in his bright red Robin-mobile and not get called a tool.

  5. I see it didn’t take long for Dixon to bring back the Red Bird.  While I am enjoying the issues so far, I’m not overly excited about Dixon’s run.  Since OYL, "Robin" has been at it’s best in my opinion.  Finally, Tim Drake (one of my favorite comics characters) was being written by people who actually seemed to understand teenagers a little bit.  Dixon’s approach to Tim always seems to come across as a middle aged man trying to think of what makes a teenager cool IN the 1980s. 

  6. First issue I’ve picked up of Robin besides the Ra’s Al Ghul crossover.  I’ve heard Dixon is doing a good job.  I thought it was ok.  Nothing special, but I’ll stick around for a few issues.  I like Tim Drake and this is a nice look into his character.

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