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RED WING #1 (OF 6)

To stay alive in the future, the best fighter pilots in the world not only have to perfect their skills and master their aircraft, they also have to know how to travel through time.

Brought to you by award winning writer Jonathan Hickman and possibly the best new talent of the year, Nick Pitarra, the Red Wing is the story of the greatest battle in the history of the history of three worlds.


Price: $3.50
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.4%
Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Pitarra’s previews look sooooooo freaking good. Can’t wait. This Hickman guy aint too bad either … not too shabby!!

  2. I’m turning into such a hickman fanboy. I dont know anything about this book, havnt even seen a single panel. I’m buying this completely based on the fact his name is on the cover.

  3. Hickman has earned it with me, that I’ll give anything he writes a chance regardless. And that art does look pretty swell.

  4. So pumped for this! Saw a preview on CBR and it looked great!

  5. The artist is signing at my LCS this Wed

  6. I love that this artstyle is becoming more popular. When I first started reading a few years ago, Quitely’s art blew my mind then I worked my way back to Darrow and recently back to Moebius. This just looks absolutely gorgeous. Who’s this Hickman guy again? (kidding)

  7. I have all hickmans other image stuff in trades. Do i wait? do i buy in issues?…. prob going to end up doing both.

  8. I will buy Hickman sight unseen. He has won my trust when it comes to comics.

  9. Excited for Hickman-original stuff. And the art looks none too shabby.

  10. This sounds cool and looks good but I will probably end up trade waiting it.

  11. @stasisbal  …yeah i’m on the fence about that too, does anyone know if this will be coming monthly?

  12. I’m a big Hickman fan so I’m onboard. I’m still not sure about the art though.

  13. @bigben2012  which LCS is that?

  14. If Hickmans writing. I’m buying

  15. So glad to see Hickman back doing a creator-owned book at Image!

  16. Damn, I thought this was a book about the Falcon’s bird….. :(.

  17. @Amircat Why Austin Books and Comics is the name of the LCS 🙂

  18. Looking forward to absolutely loving this.

  19. Well this was predictably great

  20. This was really good even though Hickman didn’t give a lot to work with in the issue. But it’s time travel and there’s always more to Hickman’s stories so I’ll wait to judge later. The art by Pitarra was really great. A style with the mix of Seth Fisher and Frank Quitely (a young Quitely at least). Too bad that the colorist almost ruins the issue with muddy/muted coloring.


  21. Strong start. 🙂

  22. This is actually a pretty straightforward story for Hickman.  Immensely entertaining. 

  23. I agree with TNC, the colorist fucked it big time. Great issue otherwise. The time decomposition on the pilot in the beginning would have been all the more better, had a good colorist done work on the page. That would be a great page to own though.

  24. really enjoyed

  25. @dogprod  @mofiad  Did ya’ll get a sketch from Pitarra? Dude was awesome to talk to. Loved this issue btw. Looking forward to the next one.

  26. this was great 5/5, if you like S.H.I.E.L.D. you’ll like this (story wise at least)

  27. @bigben2012  I did, check out the sketch on my Twitter @janthonyh!  He was a great guy.  Super Nice, and very talented…  Loved the issue by the way.

  28. Heard some much buzz over this so I bought it. I am not sure if I liked it or dsliked it?? A lot of white pages seems kinda shitty to do to us the fans since we are paying more and more for books! I get that it is supposed to add to the allure however; you can keep that and give me more for my dollars..

    Good story so far art was ok.



  29. I really liked the white pages.  It made it feel more like a movie, somethiing different at least.  I guess you can look at it as being shorted a few pages, but if so what is that like 25 cents?  I’d lose 25 cents for a comic I can really enjoy any day.

  30. Malloc—- You have a valid point there, if the comic was really enjoyable.


  31. @Flash923 the white pages totally worked for me because it added to the uniqueness of the whole package. It wasn’t until I finished the book that I realized this was entirely ad free. Hell, there wasn’t even a page promoting Hickman’s other image collections.

    It’s the kind of presentation that makes glad I decided not to trade wait on this.

  32. i enjoyed it more than i thought. I did thing that those white pages bordered on pretentious, but it was an interesting attempt at creating transition. 

    whats a guy gotta do to get a good ol fashioned “later that day…” haha 

  33. I picked this up purely based on Hickman, and I really enjoyed it. The art was really great in places, although some faces appear wonky. The story was unique and compelling enough for me to want more. I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets optioned into a movie of some sort.

  34. I thought the art was like a cross between Chris Burnham and a toned-down Geoff Darrow. There was a whole lot of scientific explanation, with a little bit of story mixed in. I thought the characters lacked, well, character. But on a purely scientific level, I thought it was pretty interesting.

  35. @TheNextChampion  Thanks for the cool review dude. You totally nailed my influences….so much so that i had to write(can’t find a pm on this site?). Very much early Quitely and Seth Fisher inspired…with a little Darrow sprinkled in too…and some rubbery flawed wonky shit too…but skip that! Ha!  Email me your address if you got time …and thanks again!

  36. @nickpitarra  Always nice to see creators connect with fans. 🙂

  37. I think I know where this story originates from but I’m afraid to be right and ruin it for everyone. All I’ll say is that it is a Mayan legend….minus the time travel and aliens. But I am looking forward to being wrong.

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