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  1. Looking forward to see what Yost can do here. I love the Tim Drake character so here’s hoping this works out.

  2. That cover’s worthy of a poster once Red Robin becomes a natural part of the DCU

  3. roadtrip book? oh hells yes, pulled sir

  4. Is Red Robin for sure Tim Drake?

  5. @Nate: Yes.

  6. Love Yost’s recent stuff, can’t wait for this. Isn’t he still writing X-Force? Is it normal for writers to write for both DC and Marvel?

  7. Tim Drake, I’m in. Very few characters do I follow near religiously, Tim Drake is pretty much it. Throw Spoiler in and I’ll squeal like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert in the 60s. The only long term run I have 100+ in it’s entirety is Robin.

  8. Anyone know where to find a picture of the variant cover to this or Batman?

  9. I don’t see this book long term but hopefully I’ll stay on as long as Yost does.

  10. i can wait for a new Jean paul Valley book

  11. *can’t wait*

  12. Of all the Bat books this was the one I was a bit iffy on. Then I heard Yost was doing it and I am all aboard. After reading his New X-men stuff I have no dount he can handle the teenage cast with loads of awesomeness.

  13. Does anyone have a picture of the variant cover?

    Anyway, I love Tim Drake, so I’ll be reading this for at least the first arc. Hopefully it’ll impress.

  14. I’ve been following Tim Drake since he got his only monthly title back in the early 90’s. I love this character. Out of all the new Batman books coming out, I’ve been looking forward to Red Robin the most.

  15. Really excited for this book to start, looks really good

  16. @kwisdumb: Variant cover along with a preview can be found here:

  17. @ Rusty: That’s for that link…

  18. I think I like this cover better than the Batman & Robin one and that one was also great.

    Can’t wait to read what Tim Drake does as Red Robin.

  19. I’m really excited about Ra’s showing up in the next few issues too. Is he an ally or a villain? Will he try to help Tim find Bruce? Or will he try to make Tim the heir to his throne, much like he tried (and failed) to do with Bruce.

  20. @Rusty – Thanks for the link. I think the regular cover actually looks better. The preview is great though. Thanks again.

  21. Looking forward to this. Should be fun. Though, I’m a bit worried about Yost, truth told. Never the biggest fan, his dialogue was normally solid on the plus side, but I found his early "New X-Men" to be fairly disturbing. Like, I hope Tim never has to save a school bus full of his friends… 

  22. I find it a little weird that he’s using the exact same costume Jason Todd and Anarchy wore.  I’d think he’d want to customize it a little bit.  That aside, I’m really looking forward to this issue. 

  23. @Fleaman: I was kinda of thinking the same thing too. I thought he would at least wear the same Red Robin costume he wore at the end of his series run. I kinda liked the costume better with the red pants. 

  24. @supertrackmonkey: but you do know that’s a costume from Kingdom Come right? there’s an odd sense of history with that costume

  25. @supertrackmonkey: This costume is the Red Robin costume. As edward said, it’s the costume from KINGDOM COME. What Tim wore at the end of ROBIN was just a Robin costume.

  26. @ USPUNX  Yost did a wolverine book and a BFTC tie-in in on the same wednesday.

  27. @ Edward: I know it’s the Kingdom Come costume. And the one Jason Todd wore during 52. The costume might have some history behind it, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t change. Look at how many times Superman’s costume has changed while still keeping the same basic design. Sometimes it’s a big S, and other times it’s smaller. Sometimes the S is on the cape, sometimes it’s not. Other times the yellow on the symbol is replaced with black. Same goes for any other hero. 


    @ Conor: I know that this is the original Red Robin costume, but I would of liked to have seen Tim make a few slight changes to it, to make it his own. Such as having the red pants instead of the grey/black. Tim was really the first Robin to have a different costume. Jason Todd just wore the same costume as Dick Grayson. The first costume Tim had was to give him more protection. But when Tim redesigned the costume after the death of his best friend Connor Kent, that’s when he made it his own. That’s what I wanted Tim to do with this costume too.

  28.  i just got over this

  29. Just checked out the variant cover, does not look nearly as iconic as the main cover.

  30. If Kingdom Come is in continuity, shouldn’t Red Robin be Dick Grayson? Or … am I asking too much for DC continuity to make any sense at all?

    Anyways … what is this series going to be about? Tim Drake searching for Bruce? At least SOMEONE is! lol.

  31. @ Edward: Shouldn’t you read an issue before you get over it? Or maybe I’m missing something.

  32. @ WadeWilson: Was Kingdom Come in continuity with this Earth? I start to get lost when the heroes of different Earths come together.

  33. How are people getting their books this early? Someone was making user reviews last night.

  34. @supertrackmonkey

    There are many ways people get the books early. One is that a lot of retailers get a small shipment with one copy of some of the comics coming out the next week. This lets them set-up promotions and gives them a better idea of how to market that issue.

    Also, if a retailer has multiple stores they can get their books shippend a day early so that they can have them in all of their stores by Wednesday. If that sounds a little unfair consider that while one store may get 50-60 of a book that means they have to distribute that amount to every store they have and it takes the entire day before to organize and ship all of the comics from Diamond (i’ms peaking from experience). Plus Diamond likes to ship weird. They will randomly mix titles even though each of those titles had enopugh overall to be shippend in a box on their own. VERY frustrating.

    But yeah basically the people posting reviews on Tuesday night probably work for a retailer.

  35. @Parker: Thanks for the info. I was/still am kinda jealous. 

  36. Very solid.  I enjoyed it.  Nothing against Richard, but I also still think Tim should have been Batman.

  37. @supertrackmonkey: i meant the conversation about the costume

  38. I assume Tim will eventually become Batman.


    And awesome stuff. This was in no way better than Batman but it was really good and these new Bat books are to DC what Spider-Man is to Marvel right now

  39. Loved the story and it made sence the way Tim became Red Robin, very solid story telling.

    Christopher Yost and Ramon Bachs make a good team.

  40. Really loved the story. I liked the art style, but it seemed like Bachs was a little uneven with how big he thought Tim was supposed to be.

    He nailed it whenever he was out of costume but sometimes he looked like a musclebound freak. Like the page where he first takes out the kidnappers he makes the guy he legsweeps look like child in a suit. Other times, like at the end where it just shows him standing in the Red Robin suit, he looks to be the same body build as when he was out of the suit.

    Really though that is just a nitpick. Still loved the issue.

  41. This was okay.  I may pick it up in trade.  I think the problem is that the supporting Bat cast has never been my favourite to read in their own comics.  I like them better as Batman’s supportive cast.  But still, it’s just not my cup of tea, however, there’s plenty of potential for this to get good, so I’ll keep my eyes on it.

  42. i’m new to the DCU, who was the guy in the last panel?

  43. @Fvckstick That’s Ra’s Al Ghul, a major Batman villain who happens to be Damian’s grandfather (Bruce hooked up with his daughter, Talia).  If you saw Batman Begins, he was the main villain in that, played by Liam Neeson.

  44. So who thinks that Tim Wayne could end up being darker than Bruce Wayne?

    Tim always seemed like the level headed one in the Bat-Family. But once Bruce went missing during Batman RIP, Tim started to become darker and darker. Now that he knows that Bruce is dead, Tim has begun loosing his sanity. I wonder what will happen to Tim when/if he learns that Bruce has returned as a Black Lantern?

  45. Favorite book of the week, I like the arc that Tim has taken. I just hope he doesn’t cross the line of killing, I don’t think he will but I feel there are enough dark edged Batman characters with Damian, Cassandra and Todd.

  46. Also fairly new to DC. Does Ra’s know damian is his grandchild?

    Another good book, never thought this would happen but I bought way more DC today than Marvel.

  47. @supertrackmonkey I think it’s probable, he always had the intensity, he’s now lost more close family members then Bruce ever did, between his mom, his dad, I think his step-mom, Stephanie, Connor, Bart and Bruce, Tim makes Spider-Man look like he’s had a gifted life.

  48. @jediaxle
    Yes he does. He actually tried to take his body. That makes for weird family dinners

  49. I’m pretty new to the DC U also.  Just started reading w/ Batman & Robin, Flash Rebirth.  I enjoyed Chris Yost’s work on Killer of Demons and really got a kick out of this.  I love the chemistry (or lack of) between Damian and Tim. I’ll stick w/ this one.

  50. Is he saying he’s going back to "Tim Drake" in this? I’ve kind of found the "Tim Wayne" thing to be kind of funny. Thanks, Bruce, but I’m not gonna toss out my dead parents name…(though I suppose that’s after saying "Tim Drake" for nearly 20 years. gawd, he’s been Robin forever!).

  51. love it. let’s put an A-list artist on here


  52. Can’t wait for the next issue.  I’m a sucker for Ra’s al Ghul.

  53. This was great! Granted, it’s early, but I love the direction they’re headed with this. Can’t wait to read more. 5/5.

  54. Man, Tim has always been my favorite member of the bat family and this book remind me why. in the past two years i’d forgotten

  55. Bat-books are taking over the world!  And emptying my wallet….

  56. I have to admit, I was a little let down by this issue. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it. It’s just not what I expected. My friend described to me as "James Cameron plot with McG execution." And yeah…. that ideas are there, but it just felt a little… perfunctory. Still, I thought it was good. Though the Tim-Daimian-Dick scene was a bit hard to get through. 4/5 from me. Interested to see where this series goes though. I can definitely see Ras taking an interest in Tim as replacement for Daimian.

  57. Why does Ra’s look like Ra’s and not the White Ghost? He did inhabit his body as his new vessel. 

  58. @supertrackmonkey In all honesty, I would prefer we forget that storyline. In winick’s last GA/BC arc, Ras appear (in hologram) as his "standard" self.

  59. @ southbymidwest: No, my interpretation is that he was trying to remind himself that he was Tim WAYNE and not Tim Drake. And as a Wayne, he should not give up. Bruce would do the same for him, so he doesn’t want to let another "father" down. Tim has been really strong dealing with death. But it seems that Bruce was the one thing that stabilized him during those times. Even if you go back to the early 90’s with Knightfall saga. When Bruce is broken by Bane. Tim freaks out in the ambulance and Batcave too until Alfred calms him down.

  60. @supertrackmonkey: if i remember right, ra’s "white ghost body" looked basically the same as his old body except he is an albino. so really it is just a coloring error.

    also this was awesome. i love tim wayne on the edge of snapping. he has had everything thrown at him the last few years. the death of both parents, death of two best friends, death of a girlfriend, returned girlfriend dicking him over, and the "death" of his adopted father.

    just to be clear, he killed those guys in the car, right?

  61. No, I’m pretty sure if he killed anyone the internal monologue would have taken note of it, would’ve been a whole "thing". He definitely was betting on them all wearing seat belts though.

  62. @supertrackmonkey: It’s best we pretend that godawful Ra’s storyline never happened.

  63. This book was a 3.5 for me, not nearly as good as Batman this week, which was a solid 4.

  64. @micahmyers: don’t forget that he had multiple girlfriends die. Not just one. 

  65. Things I learned from this issue —

    1. Stabbing a car in it’s engine while moving will cause it to do a front flip.

    2. Catching a punch from a dude with fire hands will burn the BACK of your hand.

    It’s weird how all the new Bat-books seem to be released out of order, like we see the reason that Damien is Robin in this comic when he’s already been in 2 other books & we saw that Dick’s "Batcave" will be in the city in last week’s Batman & Robin before we see the reason why in this week Batman … seems like with all this planning & having no Bat-books for a while they would have it organised better. But, maybe this is how they planned to release it? *shrugs*

    Anyway, I thought that this issue was pretty good, I wasn’t a huge fan of the art, but it’s good to see that Tim (Wayne!) has not given up on Bruce being alive. I like how all the Bat-books now are showing how Dick, Alfed & Tim are grieving in different ways.

    I still think the Bat-books would have a lot more meaning right now if us readers wern’t let in the fact that Batman isn’t dead. Even though we all would have known he would come back somehow, these stories would hold more weight if we didn’t know for sure.

  66. @WadeWilson As well, I was happy to see Yost got the "vehicles exploding" out of the way with that Limo. 😉 I agree with you on the books being a little off in their temporal sequencing. Alas, what’s a fan to do? 

  67. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Did anyone else notice that a few pages in the book take place in a country that hasn’t existed since 1992?

  68. This is probably a dumb question but I haven’t read anything Batman for a LONG time until Battle for the Cowl. Why is Tim calling himself Tim Wayne?

  69. A good issue. Though I’d have to say I preferred Winnick’s Batman this week.

  70. @JFernandes Yes I did, and it was very annoying. Not sure why, but it was.

  71. When someone’s adopted, must they take the name of their new family?  I know Dick Grayson wasn’t adopted, but at least it stayed Dick Grayson; why get rid of a great name like Tim Drake to replace it with Tim Wayne?  Well, if it’s the law, fine, but I completely disagree with it.  And I agree with Tim when he says "this isn’t happenning"; we’re in the same boat having to deal with this storyline that may be getting all the high praise right now, but I don’t think it will beat out the original story line….

  72. Definitely going to be picking this up every month.

  73. I don’t know… I thought this was pretty bad.

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