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Rankorr, the newest Red Lantern, is here – and he’s pissed! Find out what happens when the red ring selects a human host overcome with rage and grief.

Plus: Atrocitus and Bleez face off against each other, and an old enemy stands revealed.

Cover by ED BENES

Price: $2.99
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  1. Easily going to fight for the top spot this week and perhaps this month again for me. This is a so underated title it is unbelievable!! The artwork is dark and beautiful which is perfect for this title, Bleez is just so hot, and the story has been well told since the begigning and easy to follow for anyone even if they did not know the Lantern history.
    I say if you are not reading this then wait for the trade and jump on it is a violent and beautiful ride!


  2. Needs more Dex-starr.

  3. This book needs more love than it gets here. It’s not awesome like X-Statix was, but it’s still pretty cool.

    • One of my favorites from the relaunch…..Agreed about the love , it seems alot of people who don’t even read it talk shit about it around here for some ODD reason.

    • I no longer read it. I gave up after issue 3. It just didn’t hold my interest. It is not a BAD book, but it is just not my cup of tea.

    • i still read it. it is my cup of tea, coffee and even kool-aid if you like. and it most certainly is not a bad book. it’s quite fantastic

  4. The appeal of Red Lanterns is starting to wear on me. It’s stays on the same note too much. All the characters are more or less the same vengeful bastard. They just hang around on their planet fighting amongst themselves. The only antagonist is a dead guy that’s gone missing. Atrocitus is kind of an idiot.

    The human Red Lantern may mix things up and Guy Gardner showing up at the end is enough to have me try at least one more. Once I thought about it, Guy really should’ve been in this comic earlier considering his Red Lantern history.

  5. can’t help but feel this issue fell a little short of the glory.
    dialogue seemed a little awkward and the pencils were a lil’ off. i realize there were two pencilers, but i couldnt tell who did what. i’m still on board. it’s just one issue. hope next month’s is back to normal

  6. The human Red Lantern could be a good way to take the direction of the book, but I’m really over names like Atrocitus and Rankorr.

  7. This has made POW for me again which I believe is twice since issue #1!! I love the artwork and I know it is another Lantern comic however; I think this feels fresh and brand new compared to the others!! Rankorr vs Guy should be a super sweet fight and we all know Guy could have just as easily stayed a Red Lantern. Knock down drag out fight and a whole lot of action coming next issue. Bleez and Atrocitus are in love and I think this is the way they court each other, Ha!
    You can not get a more complete comic out there right now friends from characters, artwork, and story from front to back every issue.


    • i was a little let down, but i like your thoughts on it.
      the Guy fight should be awsome and i hope benes is the only artist next month.
      atrocitus in love? sounds interesting

    • I agree, I like your (Flash923) assessment of the issue, but to me this was little blah. I really think that’s only because I do not care about this human red lantern and I don’t think it was necessary for the Red Lantern book to have a human at all. I was perfectly fine with the aliens, Atrocitus and Bleeze were fine as the focus and I fear the human is going to derail and muddy this book.

      Hopefully I am wrong or Dex-Starr kills him in the next issue, ha!

  8. With curdling blood red stains and in my darkest hour/ my $2.99 this title did devour
    The cat of my desire I sure will miss/but this book has turned my yellow pee to red piss
    Bleez’s thighs will be held close to my heart/ Her retched dialogue among the like/ Will pass into the period flooding of the broken dike/ Krona gone missing? I just don’t give a s#?*/Yet Another title/ I am pulling off the list

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