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In “To Be a R.E.B.E.L.,” part 3, Adam Strange plays peacemaker between Vril Dox’s band of rebellious space cops and the entire Green Lantern Corps – and negotiations aren’t going well at all. Let’s hope Lobo can stay on his best behavior…yeah, right!

Guest-starring Green Lantern John Stewart

Written by TONY BEDARD

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  1. Still enjoyable.

  2. This was a bit of a disappointing conclusion to the arc.  But the {Spoilers} Starro re-powering easily helped make up for it.

  3. I think I’ve decided my biggest problem with this is the art. It just isn’t very good at all. And at the very least it doesn’t match the story. The story isn’t great but I think that is because he his having to pander for sales with Green Lantern tie-ins and Lobo.

    Panel of the Week Candidate though. John and Adam greeting each other.

    “Ever wonder how two dudes from Earth ended up representing a zillion aliens?”
    “I’m in it for the Chicks, John. What’s your excuse?”

  4. This is it for me.  This book has barely held my attention for months and the return of Starro isn’t enough to look forward to.  I’ve lost interest in the cast.  I really feel like this comic ran its course several issues ago and now it just sort of exist.

    Like Minion said, the art just isn’t up to snuff.  It’s inconsistent and most importantly just isn’t interesting to look at.  If the comic had some more appropriate and/or more dynamic artwork I think I would enjoy more overall and might stick with it.

    I have to give DC credit for keeping REBELS alive for so long.  Marvel obviously would have cancelled it at least a year ago.  That said, if the price of its existence is mediocre artwork (and I really don’t mean to be rude to the people working on it) and shoe-horned-in B and C list characters to overcrowd the D list cast then I’m not sure it was worth it.  So long REBELS.

  5. While I cant disagree about REBELS, as its just bored me for the most part, I dont think its the characters.  Maybe its the art, maybe its the style of storytelling. I can’t help wondering about the D-list cast comment.  While you’re not wrong, necessarily, how exactly does one introduce a new characters without bringing on board without starting them at the bottom… The brought together a group of cosmic-themed characters… There’s only so far you can stretch the top level characters, at some point you have to bring in some other names to flesh it out.   Starfire was a great pick considering where she was in current storytelling…Same with Adam Strange and Captain Comet.  They can’t ALL be Supermen, Batmen, and Flashes.

  6. I have never understood labeling the characters as A list or C list or whatever. They’re all just characters and if someone is using a supposed D List character well like Bedard did when this series started I much prefer it over a supposed A list character like Batman being treated like a god because he sells books, but his own books sucking.

    I’m still laying the blame primarily on the art. Those new green lanterns look like something I would draw in high school and the Female’s anatomy is always in flux. Never consistent.

  7. Well, to be more clear (several days later 🙂 I don’t have a problem with the ‘class’ of the characters.  What I meant was I prefered the original cast which consisted of lesser known and a lot of new characters (who I described as D-list).  It seems to me that towards the end of the Starro arc they shoe-horned in some more recognizable well-known characters (Starfire, Captains Atom and Comet).  With Lobo recently they really jumped the shark.

    Whatever the reasons for bringing in these characters (editorial or Bedard’s call, sales or story) it doesn’t appeal to me.  And even forgetting the popularity of the characters – the cast has gotten way overcrowded to the point where there is no character development for any of the them.

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