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As war breaks out on Rann between the Rannians, the Tamaranians and L.E.G.I.O.N. soldiers, series star Vril Dox shows up with the worst peacekeeping troops imaginable: the Hawkmen of Thanagar! Continuing the acclaimed space adventure from new GREEN LANTERN CORPS writer Tony Bedard!

Written by TONY BEDARD

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  1. Fellow R.E.B.E.L.S. fans,

    We need to do something to whip up some attention for this series before it gets cancelled!

    AGHghghghhhhhh it’s so awesome 

  2. I agree, but am not sure what to do. Seems like this series is critically aclaimed but unfortunately it hasn’t transferred to sales. Not sure why DC isn’t marketing it better. I just get annoyed/flabbergasted that so many people are willing to buy so many $4 Avengers titles but won’t give this a shot.

  3. Tried this out during Blackest Night and haven’t looked back. Great book.

  4. I don’t know, I feel like this has lost some of it’s luster for me.  I used to be real excited, now I’m kinda…meh.

    I miss Negation.

  5. @ Paradiddle Agreed with all of your comments… 

  6. @Paradiddle – Maybe they should put out a half dozen R.E.B.E.L.S. titles in one month like Avengers. …All #1.

  7. If I had all the money, I’d get the back issues at least after from the first trade.

    First trade was so, so, so…..good. 

  8. So this is worth it?  I liked the Blackest Night issues, but I’m already reading like a zillion titles.  Is the first trade a good intro?

  9. @king totally worth it. Great stories great art.

  10. Heck yes. Couldn’t agree more with all ^comments^ except for @CAM, but you’re entitled to your opinion (however terrible it may be).

     Perhaps if we just start posting comments describing some of the endlessly awesome things from this series, it will encourage others like KingTorg to give this title a chance. 

    For starters – this series makes full use of the entire DC universe. If you enjoy comics in the vein of the Green Lantern Corps, or Marvel’s Cosmic line, or even the fun stuff that Hickman is doing with the Fantastic Four,  this will knock your fucking socks off…

  11. I mean, come on guys…seriously…World War Hulks and Deadpool have more pulls than this!! THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!

  12. @bjbancroft I agree with Cam. The last two issues have been just so-so for me. I loved the Starro plotline and was excited to get every issue, but since then the new Legion base/who hates Brainiac now storyline has just not been nearly as compelling. And I feel the art has slipped a bit too. With DC cosmic well covered on the GL side of things (not to mention Bedard writing GL Corps) I might let this one go if it doesn’t regrab me.

  13. Unfortunately I have to agree with Cam and JimBilly, this series has slipped from being one of my favorites when it first came out to just sort of existing.  Not much excitement since Starro ended.  For one the title has gotten too crowded.  Adam Strange, Captain Comet and Starfire have all kinda been shoehorned in while the original cast I was interested in like Wildstar, Ciji and Tribulus have been pushed to the background.  And even though Scott Hanna’s inks have kept the look consistent the art has slipped also.

    Hopefully the upcoming battle of the Brainiacs will revitalize the series.

  14. Alright, here’s the deal. I can see where @stasisbal is coming from with the ostensible changing of the guard, and I know that the past couple of issues have not been quite as awesome as the Starro War, but I still think that they were solid comics – and I hate the fact that a couple of underwhelming issues (i still thought they were awesome) can possibly doom a great series with as much potential as this one. I also wish there was some way to have Andy Clarke back, but I don’t think that the art has been terrible by any means.

     I just wanted to try and urge some people that probably hadn’t even heard of this series to pick up the first trade and give it a shot, because I know that they won’t be disappointed. And hopefully by the time the Brainiacs arc rolls around, others like CAM and JimBilly will be back on board. I didn’t mean any offense, I just didn’t want someone like KingTorg to read a couple of negative comments and decide that it wasn’t worth giving this excellent title a shot.

  15. and for what it’s worth, i have not yet received rebels 17 because i have started to use heavy ink, but this issue looks pretty damn sweet

  16. I am a big lover of the series. I have all the issues and while I have been underwhelmed with the last two issues I get the feeling that they are setting up for something good. while the last two issues were hohum this was a good issue. 

  17. The beginning of the issue of what sold it to me. When they are telling the tale of Komand’r. It was absolutely hilarious. The Dialogue  was from her point of view but then the pictures were the truth. Then the best moment was when the narrative says "she made him a very generous offer if he would kindly restore her" and it has a picture of her putting a gun to the Psions head. I think the book is getting back to the things that fans use to like. It is obvious that the issues prior to this were just staging issues and this is one that gets the series back on the track that fans like. 

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