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  1. I’m very excited for this one.  I absolutely loved Bone, but thought that his Captain Marvel story was a bit of a misstep.  Hopefully this, more personal work, will be a return to form.

  2. He’s on the latest comixology podcast stumping for this book – I can’t wait either.

  3. It sounds really interesting, and as JonSamuelson pointed out, hopefully a return to his creator-owned projects will see the return of the Jeff Smith we fell in love with.  Shazam was a huge turd…in my humble opinion.

  4. I won’t say Shazam was a turd, but it was definitely disappointing.  The first issue of that series was absolutely awesome, and then it sank in quality pretty quickly.

  5. Bone is one of my very favorite things.. so I basically have to buy this book

  6. Too early to tell if this is sort of interesting or just lame. I get the feeling that his would make a much better graphic novel.

  7. Really nice!…It’s best when an artist leaves everything about his last project behind where it should be. This first issue has tons of potential and can go anywhere…Of course everyone trusts Jeff Smith and it’s great not being coddled. It’s very rare that  someone understands the first rule of creativity is to not fall in love with your audience.

     PS. how amazing is the drift machine? 


  8. I enjoyed it. Jeff Smith is drawing this comic as if he’s looking through a move camera, with match cuts, and time jumps, etc. I really liked the setup of this one. This story, like Bone, seems to have a dream like quality to it. From the wacky drift jumping suit, to the weird Burroughs-esque lizard man who is chasing him. The story is one part noir, one part sci-fi, and one part dreamscape. You keep feeling like the main character is going to wake up at any moment. I love Smith’s ability to capture the fantastic. Maybe he gets this shit from his dreams.

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