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Disappointing. Not much else to say about it, but I’ll try.

After hearing and reading interviews with Jeff Smith, I was psyched for this book. I’m fascinated by thief/cat burglar culture and that life. (I don’t know what that says about me) and the whole ‘jet engine trans dimensional time jumping thing’ seemed like a fun idea. There wasn’t much fun in this book.

In interviews, Jeff Smith said he wanted to do something totally different than bone. Fine. Cool. If by different he meant a story that goes nowhere with a character that seems uninteresting, he did it. I don’t know what he was going for in this first issue. I think he was trying to be vague and pique the reader’s interest for the next issue (not coming till MAY? WTF?) But what he got was pointless. I guess the best thing I could say about the story is that it is absolutely spoiler proof.

The art. Well, it wasn’t BAD, but it wasn’t great, which is what you expect from Jeff Smith. Again, he was trying something different and it didn’t fail as completely as the first issue “story

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good

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