Once upon a time, Eric and Woody Henderson were inseparable. Adopted brothers. Best friends. Brilliant minds. Years later, they are estranged siblings, petty rivals, and washed-up failures. But when their father’s murder leads them into the throes of a life-altering scientific accident, Eric and Woody will find themselves with a whole new purpose – and a perfectly legitimate reason to wear costumes and fight crime. Go big or go home, folks! Quantum and Woody are coming! And the action-packed, zeitgeist-shredding exploitation stunt comic you demanded is here at last.

STORY BY James Asmus
ART BY Tom Fowler
COVER BY Ryan Sook, Marcos Martin, Andrew Robinson

Price: $3.99
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  1. I’m buying this strictly for my Tom Fowler fix.

  2. What, nobody’s excited for this? Should be the most uncouff Valient book so far. Has anyone been following the online strips on IGN? They’re pretty funny.

    • Dont know about anyone else but I’m excited for this. I’m sure I’ll love this re-launch as much as I did Archer & Armstrong.

    • I don’t know if I’ve seen any Valiant books at my store, honestly. I will have to look for them this week.

      I was never a big Valiant fan, but I did read the first couple issues of Q & W back in the day.

    • Pretty good first issue, if it wasn’t $3.99 (I think, there was like 3 books in my pullfile that didn’t have a clear price) I might have bought it. Look forward to reading the next issue.

  3. GREAT first issue. The original Q&W left big shoes to fill but Asmus and Fowler do a great job here. Can’t wait for next issue! BTW, did I mention that Fowler’s pencils are really, REALLY awesome?

  4. Loved it!

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