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A devastating loss pushes Chris to the brink. Feeling betrayed and alone, he begins to research the world that Slate and OPHIS have kept him from his entire life. Armed with new knowledge, a new haircut, and a new attitude, an angry Chris is about to tell the whole world the truth. And it all starts after he discovers a few old records in Thomas’s room…

By Sean Murphy

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  1. Reckon now this series is gonna get fucked-up?!

  2. This is shaping up to be my series of the year.

  3. Loved the end to issue 3, Really enjoying this

  4. I’m a Sean Murphy fan for life now.

  5. It seems im the only person out of everyone on this site , the Ifanboys included that thought the last issue was the weakest of the bunch… i just didnt enjoy the constant time changing that went on with it but have loved this series overall. Its good they got all that out of the way but i seriously think they could have made this into a longer series

  6. Wow………. Sean Murphy does not hold back in this issue. This thing spills over with the punk rock attitude. Can’t wait to see the people it offends!

  7. Wow! From tragic moments, to fuck yeah revelations, this was a fantastic issue. Each new issue has been a really great individual chapter, it’ll be interesting to read the whole thing when it’s finished. I loved the scenes of Chris getting a crash course in secular education, “How about Darwin” and ” Sagan was Awesome!” both cracked me up.

  8. This is great, the story and the art. I never read Joe the Barbarian but now it is on order, Sean Murphy is top. The art is very black heavy but never hard to see, full of energy, If not for Batman this was my POW.

  9. God this is good.

  10. This issue IS so fucking punk rock! This is what I’ve been waiting for from this series! My POW

  11. This book reminds me how amazing Vertigo used to be. Don’t get me wrong, American Vampire is awesome but there is something so in your face and rebellious about this book. I can honestly say I wish this were an ongoing.

  12. Every time I think I meant stop reading comics a title like this comes out and pulls me right back in,,,FUCKEN SO BADASS 5/5 on par with Batman 13.

  13. I have loved every issue of this series, Murphy’s been absolutely great on the whole thing. When I finished I actually showed my wife the last page and said “Jesus, Sean Murphy is not holding back at all.”

  14. Thought that this was the weakest of the bunch and that’s kind of a bummer in that this is the issue where “Punk Rock Jesus” is actually born. I have no problem with time shifts but these seemed awkward and disjointed and really broke up the flow for me. I also thought the whole anti-American/Western Christian rant was a bit over the top and that Murphy dropped the ball a bit. The first few issues Murphy did a great job showing us and in this one he was preaching hardcore. The art was really nice though and I’m hoping the final two go back to the original formula.

  15. So much happens to the story in each issue – I can only imagine where we’ll end up in two months. Chris is 14, angry and over the top rebellious. It’s where we all were, and it’s where he needs to be. There wasn’t really room to defect from Slate and J2 amicably. It also was going to take a push no less tragic than his mother’s death.

    At times I’m put off by how the NAC is a cookie cutter perceived fundamentalist group, but I think that’s balanced by the extend of wickedness Slate and his machine embody. It’s a story of balanced extremes that I hope doesn’t become too one-sided on either side of the religion coin.

    • I also think that this is a story about Thomas first. That character fascinates me. He should be a goon, but he’s more complex than what is actually written.

      Any theories on the twin from the beginning coming back?

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