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  1. First good cover since the issue 1 Romita Jr variant. This has been good but I feel it could have been done in 4 issues instead of 6. However, still looking forward to the "firefight with a lesbian".

  2. Yeah! That is a sweet cover comicdork, can’t wait to read this.

  3. I agree. I like the Star Warsy/Pulpy homage.

  4. i just love that he has the pumpkin.

  5. i loved welcome back frank, but this sequel is leaving me unsatisfied.

  6. just finished…what a waste of money. My left side of my back/neck burns from having my head soley cocked left because the right page is apparently reserved only for adds. I’m really bummed about this series.

  7. Funny ending but ultimately the whole miniseries was kinda waste o’ money. I should of waited until the trade. Oh well!

  8. Should have waited for the trade. Although I liked aspects of this mini, it just didn’t really seem to have much of a point. I could have just as easily done without this story. To me it just didn’t really add much to the original story arc with Ma Gnucci from back in the day. Marvel wins again by praying on my impatience.

  9. i have a question should i pick this all up. I havent read any of punisher war zone but have read war journal (2007-2009) Punisher 2099 and Punisher Dark reign and loved it all. 

  10. am i the only one who thinks the the best moment of 2009 should be Schitti "doing" the pumpkin?

    and also, how cool was it to see schitti NOT get killed by the Punisher?  i was so worried he would be killed, and he was soo dumb and likeable.

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