Barracuda murdered Frank Castle’s old friend Yorkie, but death’s not going to stop him calling in one last favor. Across the Atlantic on a bleak Welsh mountain range, Yorkie’s old S.A.S. squadron have come home from Afghanistan with a little something extra, and Yorkie’s son is taking his life into his hands by spying on the deadliest soldiers in the world. This is where the S.A.S. put their new recruits through hell — the perfect place for Frank’s unique brand of vengeance. But is he the hunter or the hunted?

WRITER: Rob Williams
PENCILS: Laurence Campbell
COLORED BY: Lee Loughridge
COVER BY: Tim Bradstreet

Price: $4.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.9%


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  1. Never heard of Rob Williams before, does anyone know how good he is?

    I’m so used to Jason Aaron’s MAX take, so I hope I can enjoy this.

  2. I’m pretty sure that Rob Williams wrote the Cla$$War mini-series for Com.X before it went defunct. I remember that series being okay. He then wrote a bunch of Authority stuff that I didn’t read.

  3. I’ve never heard of Williams but I love Campbell. I’ll probably pick this up just for him. Well that and because its a Punisher MAX book.

  4. How can you be that used to Aaron’s take, when he’s only put out two issues?  Did you mean Ennis?  And yeah, Campbell’s stuff is awesome, so I will be getting this for sure.

  5. @Sunnyvale: Aaron’s take, in only two issues, have been so damn good I can’t see anyone writing the MAX version right now. I’m sure that’ll change over the year, in terms of writers doing one shots like this. But I am a little bit concern on anyone attempting to write the Punisher in MAX form.

  6. Is this a one-shot or mini? & does anyone know the page count? It better be high for $4.99!

    Also, no way you can operate either of those weapons on the cover one-handed 😛 But, it’s a sweet looking pose. 

  7. Wade – it’s a one-shot.  And an enjoyable one at that.  Campbell’s art is so good – I want to see him on something monthly.  Moon Knight, perhaps?

  8. WOW. Best issue of Punisher I have read since Ennis left MAX & the best comic I have read in a while.
    This writer/artist team really have the tone of the character & the MAX title down perfectly (well, almost perfect, they had Frank looking at a US Army watch, when he was a Marine :P).
    I hope to see these guys on a lot more Punisher MAX books in the future.
    My POTW! 

  9. This was absolutely note-perfect stuff. The SAS dialogue, the killer payoff line, the insight into Frank psychology…  well done Mr Williams.

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