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WRITER: Rob Williams
PENCILS: Laurence Campbell
COLORED BY: Lee Loughridge
COVER BY: Tim Bradstreet

Size: pages
Price: 4.99

William is very good for Punisher, he is like a natural for writing the character. I’ve never read a comic by the man before. But he has this down on how to make a good Punisher comic. He is a pro at what he does but he is also getting very tired of his work. He keeps thinking about why he paused at killing a drug dealer, and you don’t see that often in a Punisher comic. Normally he just moves on to his next kill, here he is agonizing on why he very actual compassion for a crook.

Laurence Campbell actually did some great work here. I’ve always been hit or miss with his style but for some reason it just worked for me. The coloring is still not to my liking though, it gets way to dark to tell what is going on sometimes. But the actual pencils int his are quite good, great pacing on the action and good models on the page. I love how he does his cityscape, very realistic night sky.

In the end I really loved this one shot. Williams was able to tell an original story but make it work within the continuity of the MAX series. I wish I knew about Rob Williams beforehand, cause he is a perfect fit for the world of Punisher MAX.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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