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Last issue’s final confrontation with Bullseye left Frank Castle wounded and reeling in more ways than one. Now confined to a prison hospital bed, Frank must begin the long painful process of healing, not just for his broken body, but his horribly-scarred soul as well. To do that, he’ll have to face the darkest secret of his past, one he’d hoped would stay buried forever.

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Steve Dillon
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Cover by Dave Johnson

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.2%


JesTr04/14/11YesRead Review
TheNextChampion04/13/11NoRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. Punisher Max Volume III: Frank Drops the Soap.

  2. @AmirCat-  honestly, I would not be surprised.

  3. @AmirCat/ABirdseysView: I second that.

    I wonder what Aaron is going to tell in this semi-origin for Punisher that Ennis didn’t tell? Cause this is still, technically, the same Castle from that run. So hasn’t been told yet? 

  4. Is this supposed to be the same Frank from Ennis’ run? I only read Ennis’ Punisher intermittently, but the vibe i’ve gotten from this current series is that it is supposed to be free from any sort of continuity.

  5. I was under the impression it was (mostly) in continuity with Ennis’. Could be wrong though…He is supposed to be getting older and slower though.

  6. Well Aaron still seems to be using ‘Punisher: Born’ as a benchmark for his interpretation. Especially if some of the flashback is going to go into Vietnam.

  7. I thought this was Aaron’s final issue, but now it’s the beginning of another story arc.  Anybody know the deets on what’s up with that?

  8. @Neb  Uhm it isn’t his final issue?

    Stoked for this. Can’t wait to find out what Bullseye said to him. I am also excited that Bullseye didn’t die.

  9. Think I might check this out, Havn’t read a Punisher book in forever, but I keep hearing good things, so yeah prolly picking this up and givining it a shot

  10. @SirCox  Ha!  You’re are right about that.  I could’ve sworn that I heard Aaron say he was leaving after the 12th issue of the series, but I’m obviously wrong.

  11. @Neb  No worries, you gave me a bit of a scare though. I had to double check. I hope Jason Aaron has a nice long run on this. One of my favorite books.

  12. @TheNextChampion  @ABirdseysView  – yeah it has already happened to the Kingpin.

  13. @Neb  From following Aaron on Facebook, it appears that the book was so late due to Dillon getting sick and having personal issues. Now that they’re back into it, it’s my understanding that Aaron plans on writing this title for a long time and that Dillon will be sticking around for quite a while too.

  14. @MegaPhilip  That would be most welcome news if true! I hope he has a good long run.

  15. @MegaPhilip  That’s good to hear.  It’s not that I’m not digging the title.  I totally want it to continue.  Just wasn’t sure on Aaron’s involvement with it.

  16. This was good…..but not great. I think Aaron is copying way to much from Garth Ennis’s run to really put his own voice on the book. Cause if your a fan of this title like I am, then this is nothing but a reboot or sequel to Ennis’s ‘Punisher: Born’ mini. Plus the prisoners dialogue was hilarious for all the wrong reason. I hope next issue gives me more then this because right now if it doesn’t I will drop the book.


  17. I dug the heck out of this. Everything was on for me. The cover was GORGEOUS, the story was a nice twist on a familiar premise, we got to go back to ‘Nam and see a bit more of the formative time of what ultimately gave birth to The Punisher, Dillon’s art was perfect, and along with a great psychological story, we also got some humor. 

    5/5 in my book 

  18. loved it -the bald inmate with the swastika tat looked just like King Pin but all Steve Dillon faces look the same to me.

  19. @drdeeeznutz  That’s usually the number one complaint against his art and I sort of see it(he is one of my favorite artists though).

    This was a great issue. I loved the crazy guy at the Nam camp. Enjoyed that bit a lot.

  20. @TheNextChampion I’m surprised you keep comparing this run to Ennis’ run. Ennis’ run was character-defining, & Aaron writes him totally different to that. (meaning: completely out of character)

    Not just the character but the whole tone of the book is nothing like Ennis did. Aaron writes this book like a cartoon with swear words. It’s more like the old Marvel Knights Punisher that wasn’t serious at all & not meant to be anywhere near realistic.

  21. Aaron has said that his going for a Mix of the old Marvel Knight (MK) and Max Punisher by Ennis middle of the road so to speak. The reason this current run by Aaron comes across very MK , is due to Dillons art who was the main artist back in the day on the old MK run, for me as a long Punisher fan , Aarons run has flashes of greatness (issue 2), but also suffers from what other writers have done ( like Fraction on PWJ vol 2) and makes The Punisher seem very ineffectual like in issue 11 when fighting Bullseye,but overall it’s a great series in fact one of the best out there on the shelves .

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