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  1. This is already coming out? It’s only been a week and we get the new creative team?

    Please let this be good….please dont make me think that only one writer can write Castle…oh please…

  2. I just can’t imagine anyone else doing Frank the right way.  Ennis turned him into one of the best developed and complex characters in comics in such a complete way over the entire run of the comic.  I though the Annual was ok but it didn’t blow me away.  I’d almost rather they just ended it.

  3. the ending to the last one was such a satifying ending it fells like this one is coming out too soon

  4. I think this is purposefully out quick, because they probably know a large portion of the audience was buying this more out of love for Ennis than Frank.

  5. I agree south, I think Marvel has rushed this out so people will stay buying Punisher. Maybe it’s bad taste to bring it out so quickly after such a brilliant run ends, but I guess that’s business.

    For me, this will be a totally different book now, it will even feel like a different character now that Ennis isn’t writing. I’ll try not to compare it too much, and judge it on it’s own merits. Comparing this to the pure aweseomness of Ennis’ Punisher will be unfair & will leave me unhappy. No Punisher run will ever compare to what just ended.

  6. Definitely going to give this a shot.  The preview was pretty good.  I love the new art; wasn’t a huge Parlov fan.

  7. I’ve stated it in my review, but this was a pretty decent starting issue for this Hurwitz guy. It’s waaay to early, hell it’s only one issue, to tell if this will be on par with Ennis’s run. But this was a pretty decent way to start a new creative team.

  8. It maybe just me, but now that Ennis is gone I would like to see a story arc written by Jason Aaron. 

  9. Not Ennis = Not interested

  10. This arc has so much potential.  I think Ennis made the Punisher into a character that alot of writers would be really excited to right.  There is so much you can do with this character that I think Marvel would be hard pressed to find a writer who can’t tell an interesting sorry with him.

  11. "Alright. Let’s find out what the fuck’s going on around here."

    With that line (and most of the stuff in the book) I was reminded this is not Garth Ennis writing. That’s a line from an action movie for 15 year old boys, and something the Punisher of the last 60 issues would not say.

    But, judging this book on it’s own merits (comparing it to a classic run is unfair on the writer) it was pretty good. Hurwitz has the tone of the character right, and the artist has also, with liberal use of black inks to make you feel the darkness of the character & book.

    There coud have been a little more action in the book, & the only shot the Punisher fired was from a sawed off shotgun, which would have made a real mess of the little girl from the range it was fired. It’s a nit pick, I know, but having some basic knowledge of firearms would be an important tool for any artist on a book about a guy who will use so many different weapons.

    This issue was good though, it’s a decent start & I’ll definitely be picking up the next issue.

  12. By the way, that was my review above. The site (or my computer?) was having issues before, so I just posted it here.

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