Review by: WadeWilson

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

“Alright. Let’s find out what the fuck’s going on around here.”

With that line (and most of the stuff in the book) I was reminded this is not Garth Ennis writing. That’s a line from an action movie for 15 year old boys, and something the Punisher of the last 60 issues would not say.

But, judging this book on it’s own merits (comparing it to a classic run is unfair on the writer) it was pretty good. Hurwitz has the tone of the character right, and the artist has also, with liberal use of black inks to make you feel the darkness of the character & book.

There coud have been a little more action in the book, & the only shot the Punisher fired was from a sawed off shotgun, which would have madeĀ a real mess of the little girl from the range it was fired. It’s a nit pick, I know, but having some basic knowledge of firearms would be an important tool for any artist on a book about a guy who will use so many different weapons.

This issue was good though, it’s a decent start & I’ll definitely be picking up the next issue.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Hola monito soy yo!!! )

  2. I alwyas feel bad for the team that has to follow a classic run. They inevitably suffer from "it’s not as good as syndrom". The human mind can’t wrench itself away from it’s notions. But you my friend do your very best. And that’s way cool in my book.

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