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  1. Remember in my last review I said I was done with this?

    Heh heh….let’s just ignore that and live in the present shall we?

  2. All of the previous issues have been very good. Love me some Remender.

  3. btw, I think Parkins has been a bit over used now. Ever since he has turned into this anti-illuminati member he’s been all over the place.

    I liked it when he worked in the shadows more.

  4. I didn’t chop this yet.

  5. It’s offical: Rick Remender has no idea how to write Frank Castle.

    Terrible issue, not worth anyone’s time in my book. Let’s hope this exclusive deal Remender sign means better ideas then this slop.

  6. I liked it! And I liked how frank was decked out at the end of the book.


    @Next What do you mean when you say Remender doesn’t know how to write Frank Castle?

  7. @Neal: He just feels like the same old action hero. Sort of like any Clint Eastwood character. He’s tough but he’ll do a couple of one-liners to show he has a funny side to him.

    If you read Garth Ennis’s Punisher MAX run….that’s exactely how Frank Castle should act. It’s hard to describe but if you read the MAX line compared to the regular line; there is no question what does the better Punisher.

  8. You know what irked me about this issue was that panel with Frank wearing that awful and ridiculous outfit. That just looked like ‘I’ve run out of ideas already’ type of ideas.

    He’s got an Iron Man power hand, a Cap Shield, Ant-Man’s helmut, and Hawkeye’s arrows….all with Punisher’s logo on them. That is just embarrasing to look at. Even more so when you think that Castle decided to put his logo all over these things.

    This is why I dont like 616 Punisher to begin with. A character like Castle shouldnt be campy or somewhat humorous. There can be black humor but this was down right stand up comedian style jokes. Frank Castle is not like that at all. Punisher MAX, again and again, proves how to do Punisher right….even if sometimes the stories arent that good (Hurwitz/Campbell)

  9. @Next I’ll really check out Ennis’s punisher. I keep hearing great things about it. But it seems to me like it has kind of tainted your view on this book, which I thought was just a super fun, well plotted action book.

    I think Punisher works well in and out of the marvel universe. I like a how this is managing to be a harboiled action book that can also use fun ridiculous props. I wouldn’t call doing that kind of thing "campy". To me campiness is either something super cheesy without knowing it, or super cheesy, constantly winking at you, expecting you to enjoy the cheesiness for irony’s sake. This is something different. Frank is wearing Antman’s helmet, because as ridiculous as your logical mind will tell you that is, antman’s helemt is completely and supremely awesome. Campiness is in it for the winking, this is in it for the awesome. Goons in bearsuits were cool to me when I was a kid, and they are still cool now.

  10. @Neal: Oh I found that splash page to be complete campiness. Then you got other stuff like midgets in costumes running around, and a guy in a bear suit (Grizzly Man?) who eats people….Oh this was total camp. Which is fine for others, but not for me in this case.

    I’ll admit the MAX line sort have clouded my view on regular continuity Punisher. But there are memorible 616 Punisher stories and Ennis’s ‘Welcome Back Frank’ is as funny as Punisher should be. This is just too much campiness for my tastes, thats all

  11. the Jefferson’s reference might make this potw material for me. Code Weezie indeed.

  12. @TNC: I’ll have to agree with you that MAX has the better Punisher.  However, I still have been liking the 616 version.  It’s not the same MAX so we get different Punisher stories and I’ve been finding Remender’s fun.  However, when Tan Eng Huat come on as the artist in #6 I think I’ll drop the book, I can’t stand his art.  What would you think of Jason Aaron writing the MAX version of Frank Castle?  There are rumors that he may take over soon.  After reading his Punisher MAX X-mas special I think it would be great.  I know you didn’t like the Hurwitz version of Frank but I thought he did a great job in the Foolkiller Max minis and his Punisher in that was good.

  13. I may be in the minority but I didn’t like punisher MAX series, they were good stories but it was never part of the Marvel universe so it never felt like it mattered.

    I’m enjoying this series a lot and I’m excited to have a good Punisher series set in the Marvel U.

  14. @JesTr: Jason Aaron writing Punisher MAX was actually my idea (not to tute my own horn). I complained he was doing D level heros (Ghost Rider, Black Panther) and not doing someone he was born to write. Him writing Punisher is like a match made in heaven…..and that X-Mas annual proved how perfect he is for writing that series.

  15. @TNC: I agree.

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