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Prophet is trapped on an alien slave ship manufacturing living missiles in the middle of a massive space war.

Story by Brandon Graham
Art by Giannis Milonogiannis
Cover by Giannis Milonogiannis

Price: $2.99
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  1. I jumped on with the last issue, and though the art was very cool to look at, I obviously had no idea what was going on. But with what people have been saying about this – I’m going to pick up this one and see where it takes me.

    • Even people who’ve been reading since 22 have no idea what’s going on.

    • haha, thats what I’ve heard

    • no idea what’s going on, but it sure is entertaining. Sci-fi weirdness is all the rage these days!

    • The art is very pretty but I’m more of a story guy so I dropped this.

    • There is a story and some of us are picking up on it:

      Check it, but spoiler warning for those who want to pick up on the story for themselves. It’s there y’all.

    • You just have to read between the lines a bit. I swear, we read short stories in 7th grade that were more “difficult” than Brandon Graham’s Prophet, and most of the class picked up on what was going on.

      Hint: It’s the future. John Prophet has been cloned so that the Earth empire can re-emerge and colonize distant worlds. The real John Prophet doesn’t like the fact that he’s been used this way.

      Anyway, it’s an awesome series. My only slight concern is that I didn’t much care for this artist (he previously drew #26) and he’s drawing the next issue has well. He was okay, but I liked the other rotating artists, so I hope this guy isn’t becoming the regular penciller. To be fair, his art wasn’t bad at all, just not at awesome as the other three artists they’ve had. In a perfect world, Graham could just write and draw it.

  2. The cover doubles as a cut-out headpiece, apparently! I love what these guys are doing with comics.

    Also all y’all fans of Prophet should check out Simon Roy’s latest blog post, he shares the earliest nu-Prophet art he has, awesome stuff.

  3. Apparently, Prophet bones a lizard lady in this issue. I’m sure he also eats some weird shit. So stoked!

  4. I have no idea how people aren’t able to pick up on this story, it isn’t that difficult. Maybe because it isn’t all just flat out stated or explained… I have no clue. I am loving it and follow the story just fine. Maybe this just isn’t for some people.

  5. Maybe its related to one of the issues I missed ( I jumped on last issue) but what the hell was going on in that backup? Since I just jumped on, I’m not 100% sold on the series. I might pick up that 1st TPB that comes out soon to make a judgement on whether I keep keeping on. The imagery in the story is really cool but maybe these last two issues aren’t the best to judge storywise.

    • The first three issues of this were, in my opinion, the strongest and most definitely worth checking out. Most cohesive plot and all around scifi weirdness. I’m still on board, but the dive into obscurity it’s taken lately has lowered it in my esteem slightly.

    • The back ups have nothing to do with anything going on in the main story, except for Emma Rios’ back up last month. They’re usually just stuff by indie creators that Graham likes or who influenced his work. The one in this issue was kind of weak though.

    • Ok , thanks for the heads up TomisTommy

  6. Not a problem. I can see how if you’re just jumping on the series that the back ups would be confusing.

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