THE CULT HIT SERIES RETURNS! A mysterious organization threatens The Lodge, and John “Proof” Prufrock is on the run, hunted by the government he once worked for. He has found information that, after 200 years, could finally tell him who he is and where he came from, but he has to turn for help to a teenager who claims to own Proof’s body! This is where it begins all over again!

art & cover RILEY ROSSMO

Price: $3.99
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  1. Yay Proof! I missed this so much.

  2. I just got into this series, and with the new trade out this Wednesday as well I can get caught up and dive into the new #1!

  3. Skeptical about this one.  I loved the series for a while but then it more or less disappeared and the final issue of the last ‘season’ was pretty bad.  Still, it deserves another shot.

  4. Really enjoyed this series but the lateness  of the past year made me not care as much. Trade waiting for this one.

  5. Crap, my store didn’t get this.

  6. this was as good, if not better than, every prior issue – PROOF is back

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