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  1. Oh so since it’s collecting the first 12 issues, is this considered like the Deluxe Edition books?

  2. i think so, i’m expecting it to be a familar format to the y hardcovers. i can’t help wondering if i should npot bother with this and just buy the trades. they are not putting out series like this, y the last man, gotham central and ex machina quick enough considering most of them are finished

  3. I am so hyped for this.  Never read Preacher during its original run.  It started when I was in elementary school, so I missed the boat.  Months and months ago, I read the pdf of issue 1 that DC hosts on their website.  Blown away.  Like Sammy, the wait will bug me.

  4. I got the first trade but then heard that this was going to come out. Im going to hold off and get this instead of the trades. I am a really big fan of hardcovers, personally I just think they look better.

  5. Saw this in the store today. I think 40 dollars is way too pricey. Should be 25 maybe 30.

  6. Can’t wait for this.  I missed out reading Preacher when it first came out just like Y.  I’ve been buying the Y HC’s and plan on buy the PReacher HC’s as well.

  7. BTW it’s $26.39 on Amazon.

    If it’s oversized like Y and Ex Machina I will pick this up, but if it’s just a regular HC then I’ll pass. Already have all the issues and tpb’s, including the covers books.

    Also if this book a nicer paper-stock (the way Y’s Deluxe HC has) then I’ll be very pleased. Sounds kinda silly but the higher quality paper-stock really makes a difference.

    All in all I would’ve really liked to have seen this classic series done in Absolute form. My guess is the overall non-success of the Sandman Absolute’s was a factor in Preacher not being released in this format. I own all the Sandman absolutes but I think the sales were an overall flop on them. Too bad. They’re very very nice indeed.

    Anyway – going to shop shortly and if they have it I’ll pick it up and do a detailed proper review on it, for anyone who’s debating on picking it up and has questions. (I guess I just convinced myself to pick this up no matter what – haha).

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