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  1. Far and away my favorite book going and I don’t even know why. So good.

  2. Anyone reading this needs to give Batgirl a shot.

  3. Is that an alien looking like a turn of the century circus performer?

    I might think twice about picking this series up. lol

  4. Power Girl vs. Zardoz? (or more accurately, Zed)

    I’m all for this.

  5. @Noto

    After looking that reference up, I wish I hadn’t. 

  6. Zardoz is AMAZING. Everyone must see it, and I usually buy it for someone as a Christmas gift every year.

  7. This cover looks familiar….hmmm…..

  8. @cubman987: That’s called homage.

  9. Now that is obscure!

  10. @Conor:  I know, I think its cool.  I just wanted to post that because I didn’t know how many other people would know it was an homage to an old Superman cover.

  11. That issue of Superman was based on ZARDOZ!

  12. Awesome. What a great, fun book. I love Amanda Conner’s art. 

    @cubman Conner signed it "Conner after Cardy"

  13. Holy Silver Age!  Vartox??  I know I have some old Superman issues from the 70’s featuring him.  He’s one of the few pre-Crisis characters that haven’t come back yet and, in fact, I was just wondering if Geoff Johns would find a way to do it.  Can’t wait to get this one!

  14. Oh this issue was awesome. "Bask in the seduction musk distilled from tears of the Ghost Poets of dimension seven…" Great silver age dialogue. As well, there’s some fantastic writing for Power Girl in this issue. I also really dig the platonic friendship between Doc Midnight and PeeGee. Also, Conner’s art is just amazing. From the cool character design for the villain and the Blue Snowman to sublle comedy of Midnight’s Owl. 5/5. I love this book. Gray and Palmiotti were two of my favorite writers due to the Uncle Sam & Freedom Fighters minis, they’ve quickly become two of the best. I think I really need to start checking out Jonah Hex.

  15. So this might’ve been the best issue yet…

  16. @Slockhart – Agreed!

  17. Jonah Hex has a completely different tone. Though you will get some dark humor sometimes.

    Everyone needs to read Jonah Hex if you like tragic or revenge stories. Forget the western/horror genres it dabbles in. (Doesn’t dabble so much in the western cuz it is a western comic).

  18. This was really good, fun, and throwbacky. Probably my favorite of the PG issues thus far. 5/5.

  19. Hilarious issue. Anyone not already reading this, should definitely jump on with this issue.

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