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Here are SEVEN all -new stories that set the stage for everything coming your way in 2012 from the biggest names in the comics industry.

You CANNOT miss this.

Catch a tease of the biggest change to the Marvel Universe in over 35 years!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis, Jeph Loeb, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, David Lapham, Fred Van Lente & Christopher Yost
Art by Ed McGuinness, Bryan Hitch, Terry Dodson, Roberto De La Torre, Ryan Stegman & Javier Pulido
Cover by Adam Kubert, Morry Hollowell, Nick Bradshaw

Price: $5.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%


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Avg Rating: 2.8
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  1. .1 #1? That’s hilarious.

  2. oh god, i don’t know if i can bring myself to buy this.

  3. I want to believe, I really do but this just feels like it will be a $6 kick in the nuts. we’ll see

  4. 6 bucks?

  5. I am a consumer whore. As such, I am totally in.

  6. $5.99?!? At this point I think marvel is just laughing at its fans…

    • Yeah, $5.99 for seven stories that are (presumably) 8 pages each! So you’re looking at something like 11 cents per page, which would make this the best bang for your buck from Marvel these days.

      Granted, most of these will be “preview” type stories to get you to buy in for the $3.99 for 20 page regular series, but that’s a different argument.

  7. As described, the book sounds a lot like this one:

    which was a purchase I was not glad I made at the time. Still, these creators are hard to just blow off. It’s a coin toss.

  8. I knew it; Marvel does not have a single idea in their head! I like Marvel however; I’ve said a thousand times in 30 years of comic book reading they just copy what DC does alot. Maybe not exactly, but this sure looks and sounds a lot like a reboot to me??

    Just sayin’,


    • As Jimski suggested, I think they’re just going for a soft reboot, but you’re not wrong about Marvel copying DC for years. I mean, Stan Lee has openly admitted that the Avengers were just a response to the JLA. It goes both ways, though. Each company copies whatever’s popular across the street.

    • Yeah, I don’t see “copying” in this instance as being that big of a deal. It happens in every industry (examples: Armageddon and Deep Impact, Volcano and Dante’s Peak, Antz and A Bug’s Life, etc).

      Innovation is great and should definitely be rewarded, but for my money, execution trumps ideas every single time. As with Avengers/JLA — the basic idea is the same (all the heroes in one book), but the execution was (and remains) quite a bit different.

      It’s not like DC invented and owns the concept of re-establishing a status quo, and therefore Marvel is in anyway ripping them off by doing something that might be kind of similar.

    • I agree with Ken. Reboots happen all the time and this is pretty different and much smaller in scale than the new 52 so I really don’t see this as copying at all.

    • Well I do not dsiagree that there are no patents or copy rights on this however; I was just stating this is how it seems. I read all kinds of comics from Marvel, DC, Image to misc others whatever catches my intrests. Just through out my 30 years of comic book reading I have noticed it happens all over all of the time and it is done by others better than certain others. I guess I did not word it properly; Marvel seems to wait for DC to do something inovative and edgey and then they in some sort of way try and do it. Even other companies have great ideas and other companies try their ideas too. Just a circle through the universe of comics that will continue like the music industry someones always using someone elses ideas and changing them a little to make them fresh, can be good or bad.

      Just sayin’,


    • I don’t really see how you can consider this a reboot. This is just the ongoing change of the status quo. This has been going on for years. yes there is a new uncanny x-men #, but just a few years ago there was a new set if AVengers #1s. Was DC copying that? We had a HUlk #1 a few years ago. Hell all we are seeing now is just hyping changes in direction and creative team.

      As far as copying, Marvel copies DC, DC copies Marvel. That also has been going on forever. DC creates Superman, and everyone copies. Years later DC revives Superheroes, then Marvel does. Marvel has characters age and move forward in time, then DC does, Marvel does socially relevant comics then DC does them, Marvel does OHOTMU, DC does Whos Who. It’s an ongoing thing. But Marvel has never rebooted their continuity. They have retconned things, but never a full reboot.

  9. I’m a big Marvel zombie, but I can’t for the life of me figure out who that character between Ultron and Spider-Man is. Also, why say “35 years”? What makes 1976 the demarcation line?

  10. “You CANNOT miss this.”
    For $6 I surely can.

    • Again, I’ll point out that this is a 64 page book (so call it 56 story pages) for $6. If you’re concerned about value for your money, you really would be silly to miss this (assuming the content is good).

    • Damnit.

    • @Ken: You’re fighting a losing battle man. I agree with you but you’ll just drive yourself crazy. Certain comics readers make their decisions based purely on price tag regardless of content.

    • Haha, yeah, especially because I suspect these are “prelude” stories for the upcoming Defenders, Scarlet Spider and Nova, etc ongoing series launching 2012. So while it’s 64 pages, your mileage may vary depending on what you’re interested in, and you may end up getting hooked for another $4 a month come January.

    • Think if I ask nice they’ll just sell me the Spidy and Dr. Strange pages for like $1.75?

    • Haha, they probably could do that for digital actually…

      Anthology comics a la carte.

    • @ken–we as fans really need to get out of the habit of justifying increased prices with page counts. Treating comics like ala cart items and saying well you get X pages for X amount is just enabling price gouging.

      Commercial printing doesn’t work that way especially in this volume. Really we as fans are enabling Marvel to charge $2 more than usual for something that costs them a few extra pennies to produce. We don’t do that with regular books or pay by the minute for movies. We as fans are as much to blame for rising prices as the publishers because we enable it.

    • @wally: While I agree that page counts don’t necessarily justify higher prices, that’s kind of how comics have always been.

      When I started reading, regular issues were $1.25 for 32 total pages, and Annuals were something like $2-2.50 for 64 total pages. And I think back in the 1960s the split was 12/25 cents. So the proportion remains the same, even with this Point One issue.

      I agree that our obsessive nature (we all have it to at least some degree) is part of the problem, but I think the low sales volume of comics in general is the true problem. It’s easy to charge $1.99 for a 22 page issue when you can move half a million copies of your top 10 books. But when those same titles, with top notch talent can barely sell 100,000 — what are they supposed do? If they didn’t raise prices, they’d be killing their business.

      Now, as fans, we don’t have enough info to know what the price really *should* be for Marvel to remain a healthy company, and we honestly shouldn’t care. We can only decide how much is too much for us.

      My original point is that if you suddenly aren’t cool with paying $6 for 64 pages, why are you okay with paying $3 or $4 dollars for 32 pages?

      It’s craziness. (I know, I know, it’s comics, leave logic at the door)

    • This ain’t no way worth the price!! For that matter comic prices are out of control and need to be brought back down for the readers to a managable price for us all. They can go back to the old paper if thats what the excuse is or whatever they need to change it’s just not gone help bring on to many new readers if the prices keep going up and up. $2.99 and so on for one comic? Thats insane!

      Just sayin’,


    • @Flash It is insane. But (and I’m using “you” and “your” in a general sense here, not you specifically) how much is your monthly comic book budget? What kind of message are you sending the publishers about how you feel about prices?

      If people continue to buy $3.99 for 20 pages, publishers will gladly offer 20 pages for $3.99. Econ 101.

      I’m guilty of it too for a few titles, but if people are legitimately outraged about this, you gotta bite the bullet and quit buying the comics you believe are priced too high. Because (and this is why Joe Quesada and others keep saying “vote with your dollars”) ranting about prices on a website isn’t going to do a damned thing to lower the price of books.

    • @ken–i agree that people should always vote with their wallets. If you are complaining about the price and still buying it then you are the problem is how i look at it (and by you i don’t mean you haha) because as Fraction says, “its all about the Numbers, man.”

      I do hope we see less of nerd rage and more of people declaring their purchasing intentions.

    • No one seems to be considering the possibility that people ARE voting with their wallets, and it’s just not the vote you agree with. Comic fans (and those on this site in particular) seem to project their opinions on fandom as a whole. Everyone posting here and across the internet and recording podcasts are crying “comics are too expensive, im not buying them” but how many people is that really? remember Thor the Mighty AVenger? if one listened to podcasts and read websites, you’d conclude it was a hugely popular book, its pulls on ifanboy were closing in on the main title, but the sales in reality were terrible, On the internet everyone bashes Marvel, everyone bashes Deadpool, everyone bashes X-men, everyone loves image books and yet sales reflect the opposite.

      Look at it this way, there are say maybe a quarter million comic buyers. probably higher, but that’s a safe figure. I highly doubt that the podcast gets a quarter million downloads, or the site gets a quarter million unique visitors (i may be wrong that’s totally a guess) and of that only a few thousand do a pull here, and an even smaller percent post here. same can be said for most websotes and podcasts. I dont see thousands of names here i see the same names coming up over and over. A large percentage of a small subset of people does not necessarily reflect the whole.

      My friend Damon used to listen to the podcast and post on this site. He doesnt anymore because “ifanboy doesnt reflect me”. people who think ron connor and josh dont reflect them, or dont know what they are talking about are not likely to keep listening to the show or posting on the site. I visit her less and post less because i realized i dont really agree with many of the views presented on this site, and get tired of trying to present opposing points of view. I have dropped many podcasts and stopped visiting many sites for that reason.

      Im starting to believe we have two fandoms. One a smaller group of very passionate people who participate in the hobby as a social thing with podcasts, websites, cons, twitter etc, and a larger group that participates ny reading what they like month after month quietly. these two groups seem to have different tastes opinions on whats good. I find myself more and more disagreeing with the opinions of those who regularly share them online (ifanboy as a whole included).

      For example, i bought this, didn’t feel cheated and liked it quite a bit. Maybe there are a lot of people like me but they just dont feel the need to have their opinion ignored by a website, because their opinion is heard loud and clear by the publishers.

    • abstractgeek makes a very good point.
      Instead of the fans acknowledging that their personal tastes are not necessarily the mainstream tastes they have to create these weird fantasies where companies are engaged in some perverse sadomasochistic ritual where they deliberately produce product that fans hate.
      I still enjoy ifanboy mostly but there is some self-reinforcing group think going on although josh and the crew do a good job putting a bit of a reality check on some of the crazier speculation about the industry.

  11. Is it weird that I’m excited I didn’t get this?

    I feel powerful.

  12. The creators behind this book are good, so why does it look so bad?

  13. I’d pay $6 for a complete and unified story, but $6 for seven teases? That’s a little much.

    • Exactly. It’s not about price vs page count, it’s about price vs story. If this is something that they’re trying to hook us in for future books they should’ve priced it as such.

  14. If each one is more like Ultimate Fallout, where they set up plot points or gave a taste of what the new story will be like, but it’s not necessary to enjoy the first issue, I’m all in.

    But if they’re just taking excerpts from the future tiles, count me out.

  15. I’m excited for this, but $5.99 is going to hurt. I hope all of the stories are super quality.

  16. That’s a fat Nova.

  17. Yeah, I get that it’s a lot of pages, but it’s a lot of pages that are essentially just previews. Many of them previews for books that I have no interest in. Six dollars for 64 pages of “for more of Nova please buy…” and so on does not seem like a good deal to me.

    If I hear good things I’ll pick up the books that are advertised in this comic.

  18. Regardless of the amount of pages of art this issue has the $5.99 price tag is still a mistake. It’s pretty obvious this is a book of trailers. It’s sold that way. Jimski pointed out that Initiative issue (which I bought and got burned by at the time) and I seem to recall other teaser issues Marvel has released.

    I can say as a somewhat lapsed Marvel reader, who went from reading mostly Marvel comics to just a few over the last couple years, I’m curious to check something like this out. Maybe something would hook me. But not for $6. I’m just armchair publishing here but it seems to me sometimes it’s better to take a loss with a sampler issue in the hopes of hooking people on more of your titles. I certainly try every Vertigo series that debuts for $1.

    • I agree with you. I just can’t justify six dollars to myself.
      Remember when Coundtown to Infinite Crisis came out? It was a series of trailers for upcoming DC Comics? 80 pages. $1. I know times are different now and the comics industry is in a very different place, but surely Marvel could’ve done better than $6.

  19. I wonder how many of these will be canceled before they come out? (Sorry a little bitter over the whole Alpha Flight amd Doctor Doom fiasco)

  20. My LCS is actually and im not sure how the dude must be taking a huge loss and is selling this for 2.99 to encourage people to try out whats new to come from Marvel and so they wont steer away from it being 6 bucks. Thats the only reason im grabbing it

  21. This will definitely be an in-store decision, but it’s a really slow week for me, so… we’ll see.

  22. I just…really want to know how Nova(?) is going to be involved.

  23. I’m looking forward to this, for whatever reason I’m totally on board with this and have no problem with the price. I’m weird like that I guess.

    • We are weird together, sir. And really, isn’t that what this community is all about?

    • I’m not particularly excited for it, but since it’s a light week I think I’ll check it out. After listening to Fraction talk about Defenders on Word Balloon and Loikamania, I’m kind of interested to check it out.

  24. not a chance in hell i’m paying $6 for advertising. A complete story maybe, but these are just trailers. Meh.. no way.

    • Just read somewhere else that there is a framing device with the Watcher that links all of the stories together.

      So it sounds like you won’t get a graphic that says “Check out the further adventures of XXXXXX in XXXXXX coming in 2012!!!” every 8 pages. Probably just at the end.

  25. Hey, could you all just tell me what happened next week?

  26. This should be free and online or something. Or $1. Or $2 max. I mean, they’re previews! Marvel are laughing all the way to the bank. (And I couldn’t care less if it’s 7 preview stories or 70)

  27. You could water board me and I wouldn’t pay 5.99 for a glorified solicit.

  28. So remember when we had all those previews for all the new series two weeks ago in the back of Fear Itself 7??? Well that was just the previews of the previews we will get in .1, baby!

    Remember when Marvel was the House of Ideas? They’re really having trouble credibly holding on to that title nowadays.

    Why are 340+ going to buy this? It’s a DVD of trailers!

    • *like*

    • I guess because they’re trailers for books that we’re interested in, with characters that we like written and drawn by creaters we enjoy.

      Madness, I agree.

    • And “The House of Ideas” was a self-applied title, probably by the ever-so-humble Stan Lee, so take that for what it’s worth.

      I’m really not trying to defend this book, because for all I know it may totally blow, but the kneejerk nerd rage is running rampant in this thread and I like to believe the iFanbase is smarter than that.

      It seemed like a lot of people changed their tune about Fear Itself 7.1 last week once they realized it was something they liked. I feel like this could be a similar situation.

    • There is a bit of past experience with some of these folks. If you’ve ever gotten the Post Event Marvel “It all starts here!” issues before, you’ve felt the burn. But hey, could be different this time. We’ll see soon.

    • @diebenny: Oh, I know. And not to make light of spousal abuse, but sometimes it seems like a lot of comic fans suffer from a form of battered spouse syndrome. Here’s a definition I found:

      “A pattern of signs and symptoms, such as fear and a perceived inability to escape, appearing in a person who is physically and mentally abused over an extended period by a spouse or other dominant individual.”

      If you sub in “financial” for “physical”, does it remind you of any comic book fans you know?

    • I wouldn’t say it’s kneejerk nerd rage. I just find it silly that previews for on-goings is being labeled important and must-read. It just seems superflous and a little silly that people will actually pay for this, and I don’t mean that an insulting tone, just that it’s six dollars for previews of stuff you’re either going to buy or your not and solicits will be telling you about the books coming up anyways.

    • @Ken That’s some funny shit right there.

    • It’s not like these are just the first few pages of the books in question, these are all new material. Material by creators i like. Why WOULDNT i pay to read them? I did pay, i did read, and i did like. I think its far sillier to bitch about the content and price of something you havent read and dont plan to.

    • @Ken – if you’re saying Marvel are abusing their fans then yes lol

  29. I now understand why all the fuss was made when people were complaining about Loeb taking over ‘Marvel Cosmic’ last year.

    I’m glad I only paid $2.99 for this. If this is really the future of Marvel, then I can’t see them clawing back all the Market-share from DC…

    • Seriously. The new costume for Nova is just a horrible regression of aesthetics. I really hope its somebody else, and not Richard. If it were his brother, then the rookie-esque attire would at least be understandable.

  30. Let’s challenge ourselves to not buy this book the week it comes out, spend our $6 on other comics, and email Marvel Editors (

    Hey True Believers,

    I did not buy POINT ONE #1 this week. Instead I bought _________.

    ‘Nuff Said,

  31. Any of these teasers do anything for anybody?

  32. Well @KenOchalek; I am not disagreeing with you at all. I am on your side for sure, I do not buy anything if I really can’t aford it. I like my comics as much as the next reader and sometimes it is hard to say no. I will not be purchasing this and pretty soon I will dropping alot of titles due to the price. If we all do this hopefully our point gets across however; what will happen to the market if we do something this drastic? I am so confussed?! I am not upset I just wanted to voice my feelings on that topic and well it really got me thinking as well your comments have made some pretty intresting points that hopefully we all take with us to the book store today.

    Just sayin’,


    • I totally understand the concern about what would happen to the comic book market if people actually did vote with their wallets. Comics is a small enough industry that our purchases have a pretty direct impact on the bottom line (even more so in a community setting like iFanboy), especially in comparison to other entertainment media.

      But even though we are fans, arm-chair experts and cheerleaders for certain characters, creators, publishers and comics as a medium, we’re consumers first and foremost. it’s not our job to buoy the financial health of the industry. It’s not our job to buy books we don’t like or believe is a good value just because we love the character, creators, etc.

      And I’m not blaming the publishers. They’re just doing what businesses do.

      I buy a few $3.99 books from Marvel. I’m not 100% comfortable with it on principle, but I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford it, and I’m getting enough enjoyment out of the books to justify the expense. But because of the price, they’re all on a very tight leash.

  33. The art on the Nova story was inconsistent, and the hand/wrist things on his uniform are just hideous. Gonna have to pass on that book.

    • You’re criticizing Nova’s new costume? Haven’t read the book yet but it can;t be worse the the costume than DnA’s run. the kibble on his chest ridiculous

  34. Sort of off topic, but I am always amused by the vote by your wallet because Comics are niche enough that a comic buyer can have a more direct impact, but it amuses me because my shop just buys the hell out of EVERYTHING! I mean it’s madness! I don’t know how he stays in business, but so in my case my purchases don’t matter because they are going into a long box shoved under a shelf, payed for, regardless of if I buy them. Haha.

    Except Criminal, for some reason he buys only like 4 copies of Criminal…..

  35. My LCS had it for $2.99, and at that price it’s a great deal. And really out of the six stories 4 of them were pretty good. And really only the Ultron one at the end felt like they just took a few pages out of that story and threw them in this. Over all I feel like even if I had payed full price I got my money’s worth out of it.


  37. My shop was hard selling this issue like crazy. I’ve never had a book foisted on me at my shop and this is what happened today. Clearly Marvel’s unwanted order-doubling isn’t not appeasing many retailers. Of the 10 people in the store during the 30 minutes I was in the shop, not a single person bought it.

    Didn’t buy this, as I’ve long since given up on buying Marvel’s preview books – linked narrative or not. Curious to see how this shakes out, but so far the word I’ve been hearing is that’s pretty lukewarm overall.

  38. Absolute crap. There’s really not much to say. Glad I didn’t have to pay for this, as we read the books to discuss them with customers on Wednesdays and make suggestions, but I feel bad for my boss because there’s a ton of stock that just isn’t going to move with these. Especially once reviews come out for it.

  39. I didn’t get this and after reading some of these post I’m glad. It’s sad to hear about Nova cause that and Gaurdians of the Galaxy were some of my favorite titles back in the day-OH WELL

  40. What a waste of money. Marvel got me with this one. I bought it on the iPad thinking it might be a setup story. Of course it’s just previews. Previews that cost me $5.99. I can say that it won’t happen again. Fool me once, etc.

    This should have been free.

  41. im glad i didn’t buy this. that is all.

  42. Fun times. Turned me on to a few books, ond off of others. Mission accomplished.

    Excited that the Phoenix is gonna be a cosmic level threat again rather than just a voice in Jean’s head. Smart of them to include tthe Cosmic crew, if indeed that’s the plan. Scarlet Spider looked better than excpected, and I am now officially intrigued by the Defenders.

    On thhe other hand, no thank you to a depressing AoA spinoff, not sure I could care less about the seventeenth return of Ultron, and what the hell was up with the fire and ice twins?

    • Seriously, glowing conjoined separation scars?? Barftastic.

    • Wow… didn’t notice that. I might need to re-pull this book and give it a lower rating.

    • @union: I think you could say that about almost any classic marvel origin. They’re all a bit silly. The origins of Spider-man, Hulk, the FF, and Daredevil would more likely result in instant death or at least cancer, not super-powers. It’s super-hero comics, don’t forget to pack your suspension of disbelief!

    • It’s not a disbelief thing for me, it’s more of a stupid thing. Just my opinion, but the conjoined twin scars on the fire and ice duo that just HAPPENED to be shaped like yin/yang symbols? I could suspend my belief all day, that doesn’t make it a good idea.

  43. I borrowed this from a friend so I wouldn’t have to pay for it, and found very little in it to be excited about. Very disappointed in the Nova story, and the Avengers story felt more like a teaser than an actual story. The rest of the chapters were for titles I already had little interest in anyway . . .

  44. If this is the future, then the future of marvel is pretty damn bleak. Seriously the only remotely redeeming quality of this book was the kinda cool motion blur thing Bryan hitch did in his art for the last story. Other than that I’m taking a big PASS on all of this. Thank god the ultimate universe is getting interesting because it and one or two xmen books may be the only marvel books I have left when all this comes flowing down the pipe. 2/5 will not get suckered into this type of ad comic again.

  45. People bought this?

    Holy shit 406 people bought this!?

  46. opps @ Ruo21 lol

  47. Just read this(didn’t buy it though). Nova looks like friggin Viewtiful Joe. And running away while saying “Epic Fail”? This better not be Richard…

  48. My LCS didn’t order very deep on this one, and he was giving away copies to some customers. I’m not normally a Marvel reader these days, but Fraction on The Defenders piqued my interest enough to take him up on the free comic.

    The Dr. Strange story was the highlight of the bunch, but that’s not saying much. I toyed with the idea of dipping my toe back in the Marvel pool with The Defenders relaunch, but the damn book is four bucks and this teaser didn’t push me over that price point hurdle.

    As for the rest of the stories…there just wasn’t much there, and nothing captured my interest.

    Scratch that…I did enjoy the Watcher interludes. When do we get a Brubaker written Watcher title?

  49. Thisssssssssssssssssss wasn’t good. In fact, it gets my rare Anti-POTW award. A few interesting pages (the Fred Van Lente story and the Age Of Apocalypse story), but otherwise, a wast of time. Reminded me ALOT of DC Universe #0, but I was pretty forgiving regarding that book since it was just a dollar, and I got pretty much what I paid for.

  50. As expected, the Scarlet Spider and Defenders stories were the only ones I slightly cared about… Good thing I didn’t buy it.

  51. I am hoping for a Sentry: Fallen Sun level review of this book from the iBoys this week!

  52. I feel like the Scarlet Spider story could have used more internal monologue.. I mean there was still room for art in some of the panels. WTF?!

  53. What does it say about the quality of a comic when the framing story that’s wrapped around the previews / teasers is the best part of the book?

  54. The only stories I was interested in was Nova and the Scarlet Spider and after reading the book, I did enjoy those stories but I also enjoyed the Doctor Strange story. The others were just not even memorable.

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