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  1. Finally! I can’t wait to read this!

  2. I’m waiting for the final trade, I haven’t read any of the later issues. Super excited (even if there’s still a long wait)

  3. When the inevitable absolute ed vol 2 comes out I hope they also reprint the absolute ed of vol 1.

  4.  I thought the last issue was the…last issue. But whatever. I’m still getting it.

  5. Fires, Sunami, Eathquakes, Floods.

    I knew it was the coming of something big.

  6. @TNC, remember you aren’t allowed to like the art in this book because the issue was late. Just like McNiven with Old Man Logan.

    Ok? bye

  7. Waiting for the trade.


  9. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  10. ohboyohboyohboyohboy.

    Jakita Wagner, Elija Snow, and The Drummer for one final time. 

    Thank you Warren. Thank you John. Thank you Laura. Thank you Wildstorm. Thank you all.

  11. Uh… Good jumping on point? jk

  12. @edward: The fact that your wasting your time on that just shows how sad of a human being you are.

    Now either leave me alone or I’m gonna make sure your forced to stop.

  13. ha ha, so you’ll write an email? 


    chill out, TNC, it’s just a joke. try not to take this stuff so seriously. You will enjoy it more

  14. Alot of people on this board take shit to seriously!

  15. @rockingeek: It’s "TOO". Tee. O. O. For god’s sake! ARRRRGGGGHGHGH!!!!! 

  16. Planetary and Astonishing in the same week?  Nah, that will never happen.

  17. @TNC- He’s right.  It’s impossible for you to like Cassaday’s art in this issue based on your illogic.

  18. @ MacAoidh Fucking relax, who the fuck cares its only english! I know I should be more careful when I type but I just don’t care.

  19. @rockinggeek: I think macAoidh was making a joke to prove your point. He’s on your side.

    @Kickass: I’m going to try to be a little nicer to TNC. I think this sissy fit represents some kind of melt down. 

  20. @edward: Don’t pretend you know me!!! ARGFHGGHHGHGH

    lol, I was joking of course (sorry rockingeek for not being clear). I think I need a cup of tea! 😉 

  21. I can’t believe this is here.

  22. @MacAoidh and edward I’m never really serious on this board, its always the first thing that pops in to my head that I write and I never think about it twice. The "joke" behind my last  post is that english is my second language and thats why I don’t care. This board is the only time I write in english in my life.

  23. damn dude. years later lol

  24. I love Planetary. This was a great epilogue to these wonderful characters and stories. Thank you, Warren Ellis and John Cassaday. Thank you for creating such a fantastic comic.

  25. I must get the final collection and read it all again.

  26. Ya know, I was kind of glazing over with all the Drums technical speak, and not really enjoying it, and then the last sequence happens.  Wow

     How bout that Cassaday 2 page spread of the time machine.  What an animal

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