In the finale of Gregg Hurwitz and Szymon Kudranski’s miniseries exploring the motivations of one of Batman’s most peculiar foes, the ultimate revenge plot explodes into action. The lives of Gotham City’s children are on the line, and The Dark Knight will have to race the clock to save them. But can Batman save them all?

Find out in this unnerving conclusion!

Art and cover by SZYMON KUDRANSKI

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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. ZOMG I’m sooo excited for this! This has been incredible and I can’t believe how few people read it, guess it kind of got overshadowed not being a new 52 book.

  2. thompsonville- I am proud to be one of the few!! I am right there with you, this has been an excellent mini series and my guess is a lot of people will probably buy the trade. If they have not checked this out at all this is really worth buying; you get a lot of cool back story on the new Penguin and he is no longer a joke that is for damn sure!!


  3. Amen to both of you…May be the best book I’ve read in years…

  4. Loving this too. What an awesome cover! I might give TDK another try when Hurwitz takes over writing duties on that book.

    • Yeah same here, The first issue of TDK was a big bowl of meh imo but now with Hurwitz helming it, I will be onboard in a second. Not the biggest David Finch fan but whatever he’s not bad.

  5. This title has been easily the biggest surprise of the past few months. The book is tops on my pull list. The story is tight. The art is incredible. A unique take on a classic villain, plus Batman = excellence.

    I really like how Hurwitz has balanced things by focusing on the human side of Penguin, yet not minimizing his vicious criminal activity.

  6. One more thing. How could the pulls on iFanboy be decreasing? I find it hard to believe this book could qualify as a drop.

  7. Brilliant mini. So glad I gave issue 1 a chance. Hopefully it’ll be collected and people who missed this in issues give the trade a try.

  8. This series makes me want to go back and read it all again after this final issue. That’s the first time I’ve done that in a while. I’ll be watching this team for future projects.

  9. This was insanely good! 5/5 in the running for my POTW! Kydranksi’s art left me jaw dropped on a few panels!

  10. This has been a awsome series. Looking forward to when the writer takes over Batman: The Dark Knight.

  11. A very welcome surprise…May buy the trade as well…and I rarely do that if I have the comics already. Absolutely great story and art!

  12. 4/5. This was quite good but the ending didn’t quite hold up to the previous four issues. I liked the art for the most part, especially the facial expressions. But there were a few panels where I couldn’t really make out what the heck was happening. When your story depends on following sequential art to make sense, it should be clear what is happening.

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