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  1. Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, and Clayface?!  I think I might buy this issue even though I don’t like a single one of the Outsiders!  I have been rather curious about what will happen to the Arkham escapees though.  I think Arkham is about to be rebuilt again, right?

  2. Not sure, dude.

    I don’t know how long I can give Tomasi on this book, I’ve been waiting for it to get good, because I have faith in his writing … but man, this book has been so average. Might be time to jump off & wait for it to get good without PAYING lol.

  3. this is the all or nothing arc for me, I got #1 up

     and almost dropped it more than 2 times so this arc BETTER be good.

  4. Yep, this is the tell tale arc.

    Come on Pete, I’m pulling for you.

  5. well he did go out and pick some good bad guys, maybe that’ll make these Outsider folks shine a little more.  I’m about to read mine’s now but you can’t blame Tomasi unless he actually invented Outsiders.  How is it his fault that these characters just suck?!

  6. These characters don’t suck, and the last arc wasn’t bad, just a boring.

  7. I really liked this. Having the Outsiders go after a bunch of escapee Batman villains is great. And I can always use more Mr. Freeze. Looking forward to the Clayface and Killer Croc encounters.

  8. The Outsiders have been kicking ass lately.

  9. This was better.

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