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O.M.A.C. #6

A quiet double date for Kevin Kho turns into a battle for O.M.A.C.’s life as he faces the seductive menace of the ever so deadly Sweet Leilani!

Meanwhile, Max Lord reluctantly joins Brother Eye in his search for answers about the creature known as Zero Patient!

Featuring the work of guest artist Scott Kolins!


Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. This is probably a front runner for POTW before I even open it. Shame this is going to end soon and….Scott Kolins as artist!? This better be the good Kolins.

    • It’s okay Kolins. He’s trying to emulate Giffen, but it’s not quite as dynamic. Still, I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t grabbing this.

  2. Wow! The book is immediately announced for cancellation and no one wants to talk about it anymore.

  3. In it til the end. OMAC4LIFE.

  4. VERY disappointed this is cancelled.

    Good word-of-mouth finally got me to try it with issue 3 (I bought issues 1, 2, and 3 together and read them together).

    I wish DC would give it a longer shot.

  5. I’m down to 2 comics this week and on of them is OMAC which is getting cancelled.

    DC doesn’t want me to have fun >: (

  6. Fun story, terrible terrible art from Scott Kolins. 3/5 for me.

  7. Comics shouldn’t be this fun. That’s why it’s getting cancelled…it’s too fun for the NEW DCU. Let’s be all dark and 1990’s again…sheesh. I think I need to go listen to the Cure and throw Chinese Stars at pictures of Dan Didio.

    • You do realize Dan Didio is co-writing this book so he’s co-bringer of the fun and had to cancel his own book. He can’t help it if the book doesn’t sell we’re the only ones reading it.

  8. Fun but, yeah, not quite as fun as the others.

    What the issue did do was open up a pretty huge rogues gallery for OMAC. He went straight to the top. Not just a pissed off Maxwell Lord and CHECKMATE but Darkseid et al as well. OMAC is overachieving.

  9. Still fun, but man did I miss Giffen.

  10. Sure, I missed Giffen’s Kirbyesque styling on this issue, but I thought Kolins did an excellent job on the art. Still fun and…GULP…only two issues left.

  11. Actually, this was probably my favorite issue yet. Loved the double date/love triangle stuff, and having never read DC before, I finally feel like I understand the Checkmate better.

    Why cancel this and not half of the Batman line? What’s that, sales? Oh yeah, dammit.

  12. In a great week, I eventully decided to make this my Pick of the Week. New Gods references, massive fight, Max Lord being evil… I love this crazy stuff! (For the record, Action was a close second for making my head swim!)

  13. New Gods, and Kord Industries references plus the awesome of OMAC. SO FUN! WHY OH WHY ARE YOU BEING CANCELLED!

  14. OMAC has been such a consistenly fun book, I’ll be really sad to see it go.

  15. I grew up during the Silver Age & this title captured that particular magic so freaking well – it really hurts to see it go.

  16. I agree with the above comments — this issue really seemed to open up a lot of narrative paths for the series to explore. Really wish it wasn’t being canceled. Is it too late to start one of those grass roots “save our show” type movements . . ?

  17. This was a fun book. I like all the hints they dropped in this issue: Ted Kord, Kord Industries, Mr. Terrific, motherbox, Darkseid, Apokolips, Furies, anti-life, Granny, Big Barda. Interesting how they kinda recreated the Countdown to Infinite Crisis scene with Ted & Max.
    Unfortunately this book wasn’t getting enough readers to continue. It’s the best of the 6 cancelled. However, this means that he’ll continue to make appearances in the DCU starting with the JLI/Fury of Firestorm crossover.

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