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NOVA #25

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JesTr05/29/09YesRead Review
changingshades05/28/09NoRead Review
TheNextChampion05/28/09YesRead Review
Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. I’m debating whether it’s going to be this issue or the next….in whether I want to drop this or not. It’s not a bad comic by any means, it’s just boring me to tears right now.

  2. This should be a lot of fun. But yeah, I agree with TNC in saying the pacing of the past two issues seemed a little off. There was just a lot of… downtime. I’m not asking for off-the-wall action but if you’re going to do character moments, they need to be delivered with a little more punch. We know Robbie isn’t ready for this. 10 pages of him flipping out as a telephone operator is not necessary.

  3. Contrary to the solicit, di Vito is NOT pencilling this issue.  It’s some guy named Kevin Sharpe, and the preview doesn’t look so hot.  On the second page of the preview, it looks like Robbie has packed on the freshman fifteen.  You know what they say, quantum bands add fifteen pounds to your figure…  I’m sure Sharpe is fine, but di Vito is supposed to be the new artist and it’s hard to believe that he already needs a break. 

    On a positive note, I’m hoping that DnA are ready to put Worldmind back in Nova’s head.  I’m definitely looking forward to a return to the status quo after this tangeant.  I’ve been re-reading some of the earlier Nova issues around the time of Annihilation Conquest.  It’s crazy how good those issues are and how bad the issues have been lately.  Nova deserves better, DnA!

     If the Guardians show up in this issue, it would make my day!

  4. Hmmm, I’ve been waiting for the WoK tie-ins to end so I could try this out, but after reading the comments I’m not so sure…

  5. Er…I meant "Richard", not "Robbie."

  6. Blue Blazes!

  7. Well this issue made me love the series all over again.

    I’m just so happy the two are back together!

  8. that was a great issue.  can’t wait for the next issue.

  9. if nova was lagging( though not much if any) this one picked it back up.  i loved it, loved it, loved it.  i dont forsee me dropping this book for quite some time yet.

  10. good issue but the artist was so so.

  11. @JesTr  

    agreed. Nova looked like a linebacker

  12. Best issue of Nova in a good long while. Would’ve been my Pick of the Week, had that amazing Wolverine issue not come out.

  13. In a week og gut punchs this was the best. I could read this book 4 times a month. This is a nice little re-vamp, I’m stoked.

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