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NOVA #16

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  1. If GOTG was any indication: DnA will certainly make this enjoyable whether this is a tie-in or not.

  2. I just read this first 2 trades after all the good things said about this book here. This book is really good.

  3. Does anyone else hate this cover?

  4. Yeah actually it isnt the best cover out there….Hell Super-Skrull looks like Abe Vigoda for some reason…The last covers with Surfer and Galactus kicked major ass though.

  5. At least the cover has something to do with the content. The Super-Skrull and Nova are the only important characters in this book.

  6. The tie-in factor did not diminish this issue’s quality in my eyes.  Good issue.

  7. This book should be a five, but I can’t justify it. HIGH fours, this is…

  8. A much better issue than those in the Galactus arc. Looking forward to the next one.

  9. This is the perfect book to use as a SI tie-in. There isn’t much of a recurring plot thread that makes this book what it is. It’s all fun space adventures. Every new arc he goes somewhere else and solves another problem. Having a Nova SI tie-in is the most natural thing they coulda done.

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