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Throughout their time as masters of the sea, Vikings traveled thousands of miles over Open Ocean in shallow boats with little protection from the elements. In this standalone issue, Brian Wood and artist Fiona Staples (North 40) chart the path of one boat headed horribly off course and into the realms of myth and terror.

Written by BRIAN WOOD

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  1. cant decide if i’m gonna go trade on Northlanders from here on out.

  2. I can’t wait for trades on something like this.  I just enjoy it too much

  3. @Fvckstick – It’s a 1-&-done issue.  Who knows if it will be collected?

     At some point Wood’s going to take his Vikings to Vinland, & I’m looking forward to an Algonquin smackdown.

  4. Staples is a great artist. I can’t wait for this.


    I have only read the first arc of this series, but I’ll be getting this one-shot based on the art alone.   And who knows?  maybe it will plant a seed of interest for me to go back and read what I’ve been missing.

  6. If you liked the first arc, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t enjoy the rest.  The book is progressively better as it goes along.

  7. @vadamowens – It took me awhile to remember why, but I stopped reading this after #8(I think) because I found the more modern dialogue style distracting to the historical setting.  Looking back now, I realize that’s part of what makes it unique/interesting and at the time maybe I just didn’t get it, wasn’t in the mood or I was simply being nit-picky

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to checking this out again. and now that Demo vol.2 is finishing up, this series will perhaps be my way to continue to support Brian Wood’s comics.


  8. Would I be able to follow this even if I had not read any Northlanders before?  Really interested in Northlanders and seeing as this is kind of a one-shot thing I thought I’d give it a try.

  9. yep. It’s a one & done.

  10. The last couple issues of The Plague Widow were so weak, I hope this makes up for them!!

  11. This is gonna be so good!  There is a one page preview over at the Vertigo blog and even that has me really stoked on this.

  12. This was a 5 star issue until the "twist" on the boat. It wasn’t bad, it just killed the realism of the issue for me. 4/5 And man, these single/two/three issue stories kick the ass of any of the 8 issue arcs! Love this book.

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