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In the penultimate issue of “The Plague Widow,” scores are settled and bodies start dropping. During the darkest hours of the long winter, Hilda makes a shocking concession for Karin’s benefit. And after so many issues of staring each other down, Boris and Gunborg go toe-to-toe.

Written by BRIAN WOOD

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  1. With spring breaking I’m slightly less excites for this story (still love it though) I just think it was cool that this arc started as we were entering winter, it made me winter a really interesting experience

  2. I jumped on for this arc and will jump off on the conclusion. Excellent book, but will not be buying it in issue.

    Too bad we don’t have any 8 month long seasons.

  3. Fernandez’s art is fucking mind blowing!!!

  4. I’m loving this arc.  It had a couple slow chapters but mostly awesome!  I couldn’t wait for the trade on this one.

  5. I love this book. I’m debating on trade waiting for the future of this title though…don’t know if i could actually stick to waiting though =/

  6. Everyone loved this arc but it was not my favorite. Really good but not my favorite. It feels a bit stretched out, like maybe 8 issues was one or two too many. Still really excited for this, and based on Wood’s recent tweets really excited for the next arc.

  7. This is the first arc I bought in issues. Luckily Volume 3 came out sooner than I thought too so now I’m caught up. I couldn’t wait for trades on this one, wayyyyyyyyyy too good.

  8. I like reading this in issues, maybe because i looke forward to reading it so much. One of my favorite things coming out. all about the art.

  9. 5 star issue easily, but i think it could have been the last part of this arc. They could have done a Sven thing where they leave it where it is for a couple arcs, then come back to Hilda and Karin leaving the settlement.

    Regardless, another amazing issue.

  10. One of the best knock down drag out fights ever. And Fernadez’s art is, as always, fucking gorgeous.

  11. Yeah that’s how you break someone’s neck. Nice and slow.

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