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NO HERO #6 (OF 7)

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  1. Such a sick little story.

  2. I really want this to end already, I want to read it all in one sitting. I can’t even remember what happened last…

  3. The art on this book is amazing and Ellis is in rare form.  I wish this was an ongoing monthly and not just a mini!

  4. It’s still a strong series.  I think it would dry out if it were an ongoing title.

  5. Ok i’m going to say it. The best art in a comic book right now…

  6. Ahh I love me some missed weeks now I have to go back and read the issues to catch up

  7. @trouville Have you read ‘Black Summer’?  Same writer/artist combo.  Excellent read.

  8. @vadamowens – have indeed. Know any more work Ryp has done?

  9. Ryp did Robocop.

  10. reeeeaaallly.  looks like I’m gonna be checkin out some robocop then:)

  11. @trouville Here’s the link to the wiki page.

  12. I love Black Summer and I love this!

  13. The art in this series is some of the sickest shit I’ve seen in comics. And I love every panel of it!

  14. I just checked Robocop out in my comic shop. It looks amazing and I have to have it…

  15. Ellis was really channeling his inner Garth Ennis with those last few pages.

  16. Ryp also did the art on Warren Ellis’s Wolf Skin from Avatar. If you are enjoying this, check out Scars (Ellis and Avatar), Black Summer (Ellis and Avatar), Crossed (Garth Ennis and Avatar), Chronicles of Wormwood (Ennis and Avatar) and Absolution (Christos Gage and Avatar).

    That last page took me a second to figure out what he was doing with the spine but once I did…brilliant, as the English say. Ryp draws the best blood and gore in comics.

  17. Did anyone else have deja vu with the last page? It really feels like I had seen that or something very similar to it in another book…

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