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NO HERO #5 (OF 7)

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  1. That last issue was crazy. When this ends I’m gonna be going nuts and rereading it all night.

  2. Stay with me here but I think that this book is really the drug in which they take to become a superhero.  At the end of the series I will have suffered through all the tripped out effects of the drug and be a bonified superhero.  I just hope my penis doesnt fall off!

  3. Unless I had a power that makes it grow back bigger n thicker from the first 4 issues I am saying no to any drugs

  4. Loved this issue.  Although the action sequence was a bit predictible, the manner in which it was revealed was fantastic.  The art and variety of POVs, panel sizes & overlaps continues to be excellent.  I really wish this was an on-going book.

  5. The art was crazy good.  Yea i am bumming this isn’t ongoing myself.  I would love to even see some unconnected arcs like a 4 issue flashback to the 60’s and 80’s.  Very cool world built here but Warren.

  6. best part of this issue: the full textless page depicting Josh’s nightmare where a swarm of 7-titted winged creatures tear him to ribbons.

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