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NO HERO #2 (OF 7)

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  1. Juan Jose Ryp is INSANE. How the man has a life with drawing all that insane detail is beyond me. I would hate to be his inker (especially on that last page). This series is really good so far.

  2. I loved #0 and #1 but i’m using some self-restraint this time and waiting for the trade… the hardcover 😀

  3. This is awesome. What a great cliff hanger at the end. I just want to know more. I wish we could have seen more of his transformation in this issue. I really enjoy the suspense and all of the built in devices. I am new to Ellis’s work, but from the Aetheric Mechanics, I hope all of his foreshadowing (which is substantial) will turn around and be big surprises in the end! Great work guys. And I LOVE the way Ryp draws impacts, liquidy and roiling. Its such a visual clue to the emotional intensity of a physical act.

  4. This series is getting better and better with each issue.

  5. @comicdork37 – check out Geoff Darrow’s work. He gets way more detailed than Ryp, and I like the overall quality of his illustration more.

    This is a cool book though. I’ve been hesitant to pick up Avatar books, but so far its 2 for 3 with what I’ve read. Frank Miller’s Robocop from a few years ago was awesome, Anna Mercury didn’t grab me at all, and No Hero is so far really cool. I feel like this book should be on film. It’s a lot of fun if you imagine this story going on in the background of the ‘Heroes’ TV show universe. Certain elements would have to be dropped out (like the fact that the corporation in No Hero has the ONLY supers, and the only supers are man made…as far as we know), but it would totally work. 

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