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  1. I went back and got issues 140 and 141 after Conor’s recommendation and loved them both, can’t wait for this book.

  2. Yeah with how the bat books have been lately I’m gald that there is one that I enjoy reading again.  Robin needs to go somewhere real soon or I’m going to drop that book.  Which is really sad since I’ve been getting it for the last 50 issues.

  3. Everyone should pick up Nightwing 140-142.  This is the time to jump on board.  You also get a history lesson on the Cloisters, education through reading!  Who woulda thunk it? 

  4. Here I am trying to resist, and here you all are, succeeding where Conor hasn’t yet.  Who has the time?!

  5. Nightwing has been really good lately.  I would even go as far as to say that it’s been the best Bat family book, although Robin has been really strong with the return of Dixon.

  6. @Josh – You know you want to.  Anyone can make time for comic books.  Especially one that has been so good recently.  See if you can borrow the first couple issues of this arc to try it out.

  7. Yeah, I also jumped on after hearing Conor’s review, and I gotta say this has been pretty fantastic so far (admittedly it’s only had 3 issues out so far, though). I even lent them to a friend who’s mad for Nightwing but had dropped it because he says it got awful… Now he’s hooked again!

    @Josh – Do it, man! Read from #140, you won’t regret it. After letting us know about so many great books on iFanboy that we’ve picked up, let us return the favour!

  8. I agree with all the prior statements, NW is really really good again. Does anyone else here agree that NW was the only good part of The Resurrection of Ras al gul? The last page of that story with Dick,Tim,Bruce & Alfred toasting to family was the most god-aweful way to end that story!!!! 


    I most appreciated Tomasi bringing up the other stories that have come up in the Bat-verse lately.  Tim and Dick together was scripted really well.  And the art by Morales is also fantastic.

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