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  1. The bar has been set pretty high after last week’s Dark Avengers Annual.  I’m not Jessica Jones’ biggest fan but a week ago I wasn’t a Marvel Boy fan either.

  2. The art in the preview was Greg-Land-esque. To me, anyways.

  3. @OttoBott: ouch.  That’s harsh. I’ll have to look at the preview and see if it’s that bad…

  4. I checked out the preview and the art looks pretty good.  I get why it would be compared to Land, but I think that it’s much better than his art. 

    If you had told me 10 years ago that Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, & Mockingbird were going to be on the Avengers in 2009, I would have called you crazy.  I think it’s awesome what Marvel has done with these characters.

  5. Yes! Oh I’m so jazzed for this

  6. oh dear, that preview art doesn’t really inspire much hope

  7. Err… I don’t want to read New Avengers. But dammit, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are the centerpieces…

  8. Last page in the preview, last panel – is she bunking with Puck? Why is that door 4 feet tall?

  9. ha Norman looks like he’s 23 years old

  10. as we were reminded last week, Bendis really knows how to write an annual.  this should be great

  11. Is that Dazzler on the cover? If so, that’s fantastic!

  12. I believe you are looking at Jessica Jones in her Jewel outfit.


  14. Mike Mayhew is terrific. I get the Land comparison but I think its unfair. I haven’t seen Mayhew do blatant copying like I have with Land. I think Mayhew’s work is similar in its realism but looks to be conjured out of his imagination. Instead of from FHM and

    Bendis had been building Jessica Jones up to a serious heroing comeback and it looks like this might be it. Nice work. I’m pretty psyched.

  15. There’s a site called  That’s brilliant.

  16. This is likely the true pick of the week.

  17. Wish this was Gaydos instead of Mayhew

  18. @KickAss  I’m already regretting this question but what exactly is the "true" pick of the week

  19. I like the art. I also see where it could be compared to Land, but if you pay attention the facial expressions actually express emotion that is 1) appropriate to what’s going on in the script and 2) represents something other than an orgasm. I dig the cover, too.

  20. I hadn’t realized Mayhew had done quite a few covers I appreciated. I dig his splash work, and can’t deny his talent rendering, I’m just unable to get past the stiffness and recycled photoref that’s present in his sequentials. To each his own, though.

  21. sadly, is being parked

  22. I dug the art, wouldnt wanna see it all the time though. The women were the hotness!

  23. Man, two annuals in a row written by Bendis that spoil Cap Reborn. I don’t care though, it was an excellent last page and this issue rocked.

  24. I really didn’t like this issue.  I found the art distracting and, well, bad.  The ending was crazy and should’ve been before DA Annual’s ending.  Confusing stuff.

    Not a fan of this issue at all.

  25. This book firmly makes me believe that all these past events have just been setting Bendis setting Clint up to be one of the big guns for marvel. Bendis gets Clint better than any other writer I can think of. I want Bendis writing a monthly Hawkeye book so bad.


  26. ANOTHER Avengers $4.99 book!? This is beginning to take the piss.

  27. Potential Spoilers—

    Wasn’t this virtually the same plot as the last New Avengers issue?! They got the drop on N.O. the same way two times in a row?! 

  28. @DarthDuck- why should the DA Annual’s ending been after this one?  There’s nothing about this ending that had to take place before that one.

    @AlexG- Norman Osborn is very quick to jump on a lead when he gets it.  He’s very impulsive and they’re taking advantage of it as much as possible.


    As far as the art, at the very least I loved the layouts and the dynamics of all the action shots.  Sometimes the faces looked off, but many times there was a level of expressiveness that just spoke volumes.

  29. @ABirdseysView – I could be wrong, but this felt like the reveal to me more so than the last page of DA.  He’s in his costume and Bucky is clearly surprised to see him, while in DA Annual he’s in a covert/SHIELD outfit and running around with Bucky.

  30. Clearly this book is a few weeks early. Luke Cage is some how OK, and Steve is around and kicking.

  31. Eh, this was alright. Nothing major here, except for the last page, but even that was done already.

  32. Captain America got stretched out an extra issue and Bendis has to get his Siege rolling. This is just the sort of thing you have to expect from doing big events with multiple creators, it is a guarantee everything won’t sync up. If it irritates you, read it in trade where it will all be sorted out for you. And I am not sure if Captain America returning can really be considered a spoiler anyway. All of Marvel has been trumpeting his return from the heavens for nearly a year.

    Now Osborn leaving the Helicarrier undefended? That is a little more troubling to me. He didn’t suspect that would try and free Barton? Did he turn off his radio? Cause Sentry could have returned and kicked some Avenger-Chick ass in about 0.002 seconds. Maybe they jammed the signal or Osborn was Goblin crazy… but Bendis didn’t even give us a bone there. Just stupid ole Osborn who somehow managed to manipulate himself into the most powerful appointment in the world. What a doofus.

  33. @DarthDuck- Bucky could have been surprised to see Steve was listening or that he was wearing the suit

  34. @DarthDuck  bucky said "Steve Rogers is going to kill me" so i doubt he’s surprised to see him there

  35. Was it just me, or was there an art mix-up on the second to last page, when Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are talking about her costume, but she’s drawn in her street clothes? 

  36. @Rofo: I also wondered about that a bit.

    Despite the spoileryness, which I didn’t expect but don’t dislike either, this was a solid 4/5. Good stuff all around.


  37. Decent enough story by Bendis– but hard to focus on that, when the art was so bad.

  38. Wouldn’t it be awesome if caps appearance in this and DA were total red herrings to the end of Cap: Reborn? Like if this Steve Rogers was actually the red skull in steves body? How fucking awesome would that be?

  39. @mikeandzod21 Actually, I’m kind of hoping for that. 😉

  40. Avengers Women rock. If you want something done right, call them.

  41. The art in this was so bad that I literally had to look away from Ms. Marvel’s face in that close up while the Lady Avengers were plotting while trying to read her word balloons seperate from the image. It was like talking to a person with a crazy deformity on their face that you don’t want to stare at.

    I liked the story, though I really wanted more Jessica Jones in costume than the, like, one page we got of it (I like her out of costume more, but if they’re gonna trump the moment up and put it on the cover, make a bigger deal of it in the moment itself. And if Jessica joins the New Avengers, will this mark the 1st case of two Avengers members having a child with each other? Is Danielle Cage the 1st true (in the real sense of the word, not KickAss’s) legacy Avenger?

    I’m starting to think that Clint will drop all monikers and just be ‘Clint Barton’ when all is said and done. 

    I’m sure she was calling out for him by codename, but when Ms. Marvel said, "Ronin!", right after Bobbi yells, "Clint Barton!", I thought she was playing the Ron to Mockingbird’s Josh. 


  42. @genaverse me too.

  43. Wasn’t able to pick this issue up last week.  Couldn’t afford it with what was already on  my pull list.  This week is expected to be worse so I might have to wait another week or two.  but from the sounds if it, I’m not sure I want to even bother. 

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