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The shocking battle for our dimension comes to a shattering conclusion; and not everyone will survive!! Who will make the ultimate sacrifice to save us? Marvel fans will not want to miss this startling chapter in Avengers history.

Plus: another chapter in the oral history of the Avengers!


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  1. Is there a pool going for the Avenger that’s going to die? My money’s on Brother Voodoo.

  2. Agreed. Strange has to somehow become SS again.

  3. AWE!  I like Brother Voodoo quite a bit.  I’m also not at all invested in Dr. Strange.  However, I loved the previous series with him.  He’s got a cool power set and I really enjoy the character design.  If anything, I’d like to follow Brother Voodoo in some other series. 

  4. I think Brother Voodoo dies.  The only other one could be Ms. Marvel.  Though if it’s ANYONE else than them, this book will be effing HUGE!

    (If it’s Brother Voodoo, it’s because you didn’t buy his book.  I did, it just wasn’t very good, though the art was great.)

  5. @kickass: I actually kind of liked his book. Great art for sure but I was also enjoying the story. The ‘magic’ side of the MU is so underused so I like pretty much anything in that realm. 

  6. am i the only one loving the oral history of the avengers? any word on where thats going to be collected

  7. The Brother Voodoo comic just never hooked me, and I hadn’t read his past comics.  The characters and villains never resonated with me.  Though I wanted to like it and really liked #1-2.  After that it lost me.  Excellent cover art on it as well.

    The Oral History of the Avengers by Bendis has been excellent work!  Takes me back to reading those Stan Lee stories I read several years ago.  It fleshes out the personalities while taking a fun look at the past.  And Kang?!  Awesome that he spoke in it too.

  8. Fucking Brother Voodoo! move on from the brother voodoo stuff already! This magic stuff is killing me with it’s lameness 

  9. I will throw a gigantic party if Wolverine bites it. Kinda wish Spider-man was on that cover, to be honest.

  10. Ben Grimm …

  11. 1. Luke Cage-  No way.  Bendis has worked to hard to get him to where he is now.

    2.  Ms. Marvel-  She JUST died.  I hope they at least wait a little longer before they kill her AGAIN. 

    3.  Dr. Strange- Maybe him & Dr. Voodoo seem redundant sometimes, but then again we have two Cap Americas,      & 2 Batmen  

    4.  Wolverine-  sure, as a cop out.  He’d be back next issue.  "healing factor"

    5.  Dr. Voodoo -Same as what I said for Dr. Strange, but MOST likely to die

    6.  Mockingbird- They JUST brought her back.  


  12. No one is dying. Someone is going to have to leave their body to fight some magical mumbo-jumbo so that for 60 seconds they were "died". I believe the literary technique is defined by the oxford dictionary as a "Cop Out" 

  13. @edward: Or, "traditional hype that has been used on comic book covers for decades".

  14. are we really still slaves to the marketing techniques of the 1970s? 

  15. @edward: Slaves? No. Occasional users of? Yes.

  16. Well they’re all going to die eventually right? I mean the cover doesn’t say that they’ll die in this issue. Clever Bendis, very clever

  17. Conor, please, use hyperbole. We’re Slaves!  it’s comics we’re talking about here

  18. Can the Heroic Banner be considered a member? Please? So we never have to see it again.

  19. People who use hyperbole should be shot.

  20. well, hyperbole IS the worst thing ever 

  21. My money is on Strange biting it, solidifying Brother Vodoo as Sorcer Supreme with Strange’s ghost guiding him.

    This is now the only Avengers title book I buy (Well, Young Avengers did just go to Avengers didn’t it?). Excited to read it.

    As for the Oral History of the Avengers, I found it kind of trite. As well, I was annoyed by the contradiction of calling a text article an "Oral History." 😉 

  22. Strange dies then comes back as a silly obi-won like ghost for brother voodoo

  23. This arc is getting a little tired. Immomen is keeping me around — for now. I’d love to see both Wolverine and Spider-Man take a powder. Maybe keep Daimon or Stephen as a regular. And bring in Wonder Man!

  24. I agree keep Daimon or Stephen as regulars. Love this comic and Immomen’s art is great! I like Spidey and Wolverine in the book but I think it would be better if they just made cameo, one shot appearances and the book would focus around Luke Cage. Maybe have abig star come in for each story arc to keep the "star power".

  25. It has to be Dr. Strange.

    Cage just almost died. Ms. Marvel just died. Mockingbird just came back.

    Wolverine (not a chance).

    A lot of you are thinking along the same lines.

    Anyone read the Dr. Strange story when the whole world is destroyed and everyone is killed and it is remade and Dr. Strange is the only one who knows that everyone had died.

    What a horrible burden that man carries.

    Strange is going to die.

  26. As much as i thought it was lame that Dr. Strange lost SS to brother voodoo, i really like him as a character. I kinda HOPE Strange bites it this issue, to allow Bendis an oppertunity to play with Voodoo the way he did with Cage. Give it a year and Strange will be back.

  27. Doc Strange will get trapped in the Astral plane or will be sent to Limbo where he’ll do battle with Belasco, it’ll be a spinoff.

  28. @Praxjavin – Oral history – They spoke through interview.  They didn’t type their responses.  It’s not a written piece.  Spoken. 

    (Of course, these characters aren’t real! 😉

  29. @edward @ conor: I’d call it a traditon.

  30. @ Franktiger: Good call!

  31. I really enjoyed the Brother Voodoo series. I hope it’s not him(it most likely is).

  32. The threat of a death makes me yawn based on how DC/Marvel have treated deaths in the past.  It’s really too bad because this cover should be big news.

  33. Isn’t that secretary chic from Dark Avengers in this book? I can’t remember her full name, but it’s something Hand. That’s who’ll probably die. 

  34. Never mind… I didn’t look at the cover. I still hope someone kills her so there can be a "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" reference. 

  35. I hope Hawkeye rejoins the team only to die. 

  36. @dkbrain hit the nail on the head.  It doesn’t really matter who dies because they won’t really be dead and they’ll be back before you know it.

  37. This is going to be my last issue of New Avengers. I’m done with it.  I thought I could handle, or even wanted 4 Avengers books, but I don’t.  


    Its going to be weird not picking it up anymore, it’s the book that got be back into superhero comics back in the day.. 

  38. From The Book of Saving Me $4 A Month Spell… d.r.o.p.p.e.d. Thank you Dr. Bendis for making my wallet heavier.

  39. @Onlyjosh, while I disagree with your statement that just made me laugh quite a bit.

  40. I have a feeling that dead character is not coming back for a long time.  😉

  41. I’m surprised at everyone’s disdain for the book and this issue.

    This is easily my most favorite team book out right now and I’m reading most of them.

    I also thought this issue was excellent and that the death itself was handled very well.  I’m on the love train for this book and can’t wait to see where it heads from here.

  42. Someone should save me $4 bucks and tell me who dies…

  43. I enjoyed this issue but Bendis needs to go into more explanation in some parts. Granted he might go into more detail with this vishanti business later on.

  44. Not enough books for a pick of the week. But this was really good.

    And I was wrong . . .

  45. I don’t think I would consider Doctor Voodoo an Avenger. Glad he bites the dust. I will still pick up this book to see what is happening, but I’m not buying single issues. Trades sound better.

  46. Good book, great art, predictable ending. Nice little Hellstrom moment, however. Hope he makes it into the line-up.


  47. can someone just tell me who dies? 

  48. @ed – See XManRyan’s comment. Unless he’s lying.

  49. sigh… just tell me !! 

  50. Not entirely happy with the writing of this arc.  Too many characters all saying the same thing.  But that takes nothing away from the fantasticly beautiful art that Immonen has been doing.  As long as he stays on, they got me as a customer.

  51. Havnt been following the title but the cover stuck out on the shelves.
    My reaction:
    One of them dies, alright I guess we’re still doing that as a way to sell books… alright, deductive reasoning, which is it? Cage, Wolverine and Mockingbird are in others books so not them, of the 3 left we have Strange, Ms Marvel and a guy I have never seen before, its probably him.

    Turns out I was right 🙂

  52. Well that was predictable. I’m excited for the next arc though.

  53. I’m not sure why, but I was a little underwhelmed by this one.  I liked the first 5 a lot but this one just didn’t connect for some reason.

  54. @Malecema – agree

  55. I’m guessing we’ll see Dr. Voodoo’s brother again – as a villain. Wonder where he went after he (his spirit) hopped out of Luke Cage.

    And…did the Eye of Agamotto disappear with Agamotto’s “death”?

  56. @cprevite: Well, it is his eye.

  57. Bendis’ Avengers yawnfest continueth. Get DnA on this book & its twin STAT before it flatlines!

  58. I think the problem with this one was that so much of the action was Wolverine floating in white space and slashing at things. Not exactly what I was excited for when they said they were combing all their powers into one person. Also, the White Space is not the best vehicle for Immonen art, the #1 reason I love this book right now.

  59. This issue was a mess.

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