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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Billy Tan is awful! Did anyone actually see his Jessica Jones in the last issue?

    Still, gonna buy this for the Bendis.

  2. Tan’s art looks good so far, though all I’ve seen is the preview to this issue and some covers. I’m jumping on with this issue, though, so I’ll leave plenty of room for the possibility of it being quite bad.

  3. I have been waiting for this moment since bucky became Cap, finally a lot of interaction with other heroes.

  4. First major rooster changes since issue 1? what about post civil war?

  5. I’m torn.  On one hand, I love BuckyCap.  On the other, I don’t like Bendis.

  6. Tan’s artwork is crap. still, its the first time I’m really excited for this since a long time.

  7. tan is a pretty decent artist, and he at least tells a story competantly.  there are some artist who look great, but theyre story telling abilites a shit (Chris Bachalo is a good exmple, love the way his stuff looks but i am constantly confused by everything he draws).  and i fucking like billy tan, goddamnit!  his x-men run was awesome, and im glad to see him on the avengers.

  8. Tan > Yu

    Totally looking forward to this.



  9. First Na book I’m picking up in a long while.

  10. @Diabhol – Aye. Verily.

  11. I can’t wait for this book. I’m more excited about reading this than christmas. Well, maybe not….

    But still very excited.

  12. @mikeandzod…. I’m totally with you on Bachalo… I never know whats going on in his stuff.

  13. oh man i’m so excited for bucky to mix it up with the new avengers!

  14. @butchcassidy    but there something about hios style i really like.  like, he did that cover for the Punisher: Xmas special that jason aaron wrote and it was just an awesome fucking cover, but when he does sequential art, i dont know what the hell is going on

  15. getting this for two reasons: 1. Comic Book gave it a glowing review, and 2. light week on my pull list so I’ve got some cash to buy things I normally would’nt (just Batman and Daredevil will not satisfy my craving for this comic sh#t).

  16. I can’t wait to see Ms. Marvel back on the team. Also, I think the review of this is the highest rating I’ve ever seen them give… 4.5/5. I’m so happy that the New Avengers that I know and love are back.

  17. Always a sucker for roster changes.  I think I’m gonna give this another chance.  Got bored with all the side stories during invasion.  but maybe it will become a team book again, here’s hoping.

  18. Man I wanted Danny to join them so bad.

  19. Hopefully they’ll get back to telling actual stories about the Avengers rather than back story for some other sprawling event like civil war or secret invasion….

  20. A weirdly paced issue, but I am full of glee to see 1. The Fantastic mother@^$#ing Four, and 2. An actual new story instead of recap.

  21. this issue solidified it for me: Make Mine Marvel.

  22. This had some really good moments in it, and some nice art. But its too little, too late. I am as uninterested in Dark Reign as I am in paying $4 for this book. If it wasn’t for the price hike, I’d a stuck around for longer but with this combo….no way. So long New Avengers, its been fun.

  23. This book was only 3 dollars and it was good.

  24. Just finished reading this issue.  Definitely back on board.  5 stars for me!

  25. I loved this issue, my only problem with it was the notion that this is the first major roster change.  I’m pretty sure that Iron Man and Sentry Leaving and Hawkeye, Strange, and Iron Fist joining was a major roster change, at least as major as this was.  Anyway, keep it up Bendis…  Until $4 becomes standard… Make Mine Marvel.. oh wait…

  26. All I gotta say is, I am SOOOO glad Yu is gone…  Anyone who thinks Yu’s art is better than Tan, must be blind…

  27. @Pandemic:
    I guess I’m blind…

  28. whats with people bashing billy tan?? i really enjoyed the tan art more then the yu art as well.

  29. @goat77 – Hey, I’m blind too!  High five!


    No, I’m over here.


    No, I’m–

    We almost had it that time!

  30. Tan was great.

    Bendis was great.

    This issue was the best book of the week and, hell, probably the whole damn month. 


  31. I like Tan ok but i liked him more on that issue that focused on the hood, he seems to draw dark gritty stuff better. For issues focusing on the heroes i would prefer Yu. but hey, the writing is what i was really looking for in this issue anyways

  32. Great book, I loved it.  This was my pick of the week.

  33. This was the best issue I’ve seen from Tan so far but Yu has rendered me sightless.

  34. The Fantastic Four part sold me, I’m going to start reading this regularly, regardless of the 3.99 price tag.  Hell, I’m even tempted to read Dark Avengers because of this.

  35. @Kory:
    I’m with you about the FF. Whenever I think back to this issue, that will be what I remember most fondly…

  36. This was a solid read and I enjoyed Tan’s art more than his work with Brubaker on X-Men.  It generally moved well, and the only off note for me was the final "clifhanger" moment with Luke Cage.  I have a hard time imagining him doing that, especially after his unflinching staunch resistance to the SHRA in the face of losing hs wife and baby (when Jessica "changed" sides).  Also, if his real friends like Reed Richards, Wolverine, and others couldn’t find what’s he’s looking for, why would he think that the other guy could possibly find him?  That’s a logical leap that’s hard to make.  I hope that it turns out to be a ruse just to get him on the "inside"….

  37. Yu’s art was so "scratchy" and unfinished looking…Tan is much better!!!

  38. @rwpos I don’t like the idea of Luke going to Norman for help either but he lost his kid. You do whatever you have to for family.

  39. I just dropped this title after sticking with it for 47 issues. Based on these glowing reviews I suppose I will be drawn back in for the moment. However, if by issue 50 I still don’t care about what is happening the Bendis-stink will finally push me away.

    The "dingo ate my baby" storyline is crap BTW. Spare us, Mr. Bendis.

  40. *sigh

    I caved.  Called my comic store today and had this stuck in my box.  Will be getting all three Avengers titles now.  Stupid Captain America.  Its his fault.

  41. The whole Bucky-as-Cap thing was severely underplayed.

    Nobody was even interested in asking how Bucky was still alive, let alone in good enough shape to be Captain America for a 90+ year old guy.

    I guess Spidey must have been reading the Captain America book and already knew the backstory.



  42. @dharmabum: I think Aunt May got Peter Bru’s Cap Omnibus for Christmas. 🙂

  43. This was really good.  I didn’t pick it up, saw that it was PoTW, waited a week, saw the glowing comments and gave it a shot.  Good choice.  This was good enough to move me from a solid NO on Dark Reign to a probably.  (Definitely YES on Secret Warriors though)

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