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  1. This is the story of Luke Cage….yet Hawkeye is on the cover.

    I know the covers are homages/parodies of classic covers but you would think there is some Luke Cage/Iron Fist covers out there they couldve done…Ah nitpicking at it’s finest 🙂

  2. I know! I saw this and instantly thought "Josh’s pick of the week".

  3. I hope it isn’t the true cover. It happened quite often with New Avengers or Mighty Avenger…

  4. I just hope the background of the faded west coast avengers, makes it through the printing.  I was quite impressed with those details.

  5. I’m going to take this opportunity to say that I REALLY dislike Billy Tan’s work.

  6. anyone else besides me quite buying both these books when secret invasion came out

  7. @SDcomicfan-I did!  Mostly because I was tired of the NA story lines leading up to SI.  I might pick up an Avengers book after SI is over, but I am pretty tired of Bendis at the moment

  8. The first few tie-ins in the Avengers book were actually a cool idea filling in the gaps and whatever, but it’s just tired now.

  9. Yeah, I liked the first few.  I actually regretted dropping them for the first 3 months of SI.  But after that they went downhill fast

  10. I agree with all of you that these New Avengers tie-ins have been pretty subpar (as has Secret Invasion itself in my opinion).  I’m looking forward to this though, Bendis loooooooooves him some Luke Cage and I’m guessing this is gonna be a gem

  11. How awesome would a ROM skrull be? In fact, what the hell happen to ROM?

  12. do you remember how good new avengers used to be? 

  13. This will be good, but damn do I miss the days of Pre-SI New Avengers…

  14. Hey cutty they making a standalone Cage book cause if bendis did him i would be all over it. Its just books have gotten so pricey i just couldnt waste money on this useless title. It use to be so good too ….sigh

  15. I know this is "character development" but. Uh, Whatever.

  16. I’m just going to dismiss everyone here as a bunch of haters. 🙂

    This issue was awesome and the tie-ins have all been awesome.


  17. It was okay I guess.  It was cool to see an Alias throwback, but there was nothing very entralling going on in the pages.  I’m all for quiet character issues, but I didn’t think this one really packed any emotional impact. 

  18. What a load of garbage.  I lost my job a few months ago, so I’ve had to severly cut back on what comics I buy.  For the most part, I have only been buying the Secret Invasion main series.  This month, I had a little extra money, so when I saw the Hawkeye cover, I decided to make an extra purchase.  When I got home, and found that it was a throwaway Luke Cage story, I honestly felt like returning to the store for a refund.  I feel like I tried to buy a box of cookies, but when I came home and opened the box marked "cookies", I found it full of crap.  I feel intentionally misled, and it will be a long time before I purchase another copy of New Avengers.  Marvel should be raked over the coals for this false advertising.

  19. @Diabhol I’m with you man. The other new avengers SI tie-ins were sub-par but I loved this. I really hope the baby is ok.

  20. Ok i guess I’m just a sucker for the avengers but i really liked this issue

  21. I liked the issue as well… but now I am really excited for an Avengers issue that will take the story FORWARD.

  22. Are Cage and his wife broke?

  23. This story really had little to nothing to do wtih the Avengers.  Bendis used it tell an Alias story, even using Gaydos to illustrate the bulk of the story.  I enjoyed reading it and thought that it was a solid story, but the flashback, which was the bulk of the issue, had absolutely nothing to do with either the Avengers (set before Cage was ever an Avenger, and even refers to him as a Defender) or Secret Invasion.  So while I’m happy to have stories like this to read, I’m sad that it comes at the expense of having an Avengers series to read.

  24. I loved and hated this issue. I loved it because it was an amazing throwback to Alias, with Great Michael Gaydos art to boot. and i hated it because it reminded me how much i miss Alias. 🙁

  25. @TheNextChampion 


    Regarding what happened to ROM…. I think the intellectual property rights are still tied up somehow (originally Hasbro owned the rights to ROM, not Marvel).  I don’t know what the latest is… I had heard that Marvel gots the publishing rights back to ROM, but that was awile ago, and still no ROM…  It would have been f***ing sweet to see him step out of the ship in SI#8 with the rest of them.

  26. @doomwad: So Robot Chicken can make a great joke about ROM…..But hasbro cant pay some dough to let Marvel use the character again? I would totally pick up a ROM book just for the hell of it.

  27. I liked the reviews.  I’ll pick it up next week. 

  28. I am really surprised at how many very positive reviews this issue got. It was clearly filler, and not particularly good filler either. It wasn’t bad, but I can’t say that my understanding of these characters would be at all different had I not read this issue.

  29. i was going to make this pick of the week for myself, to honor a bendis-of-old, but the soon to be 3.99 cover, and taint of SI made me go with the potential of the hellboy series. that makes me sad. i miss jinx and alias, and i dont know that that should be a reason to like something.

  30. Billy Tan is perfectly serviceable in a Top cow kinda way. But his generically beautiful version of Jess simply looks like poop compared to Gaydos’s version. Gaydos created Jessica Jones and no one since has been able to really "get" her since. Brent Anderson did the best job of anyone not Gaydos over on The Pulse, but this, THIS is what I want, JJ-wise. She looks like a real person when Gaydos draws her, not a run of the mill Marvel heroine/Vogue model.

    Good god I want another Alias book.  

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