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  1. Once again, I have to choose whether or not to pick this up. I think the hood and his mob of villians are pretty aweome, but these tie ins have proven to be so empty. I’ll give it a flip thtough.

  2. My theory is that if the last page of the tie in does not tell you something new or astonishes you then do not pick it up.

  3. What if it’s the second to last page?

  4. Finally! This is the SI backstory book that I’ve been looking forward to.

  5. @Ryon, me too. That’s my biggest problem with bendis. If he was just a crappy writer, I would know what to avoid. But his SI books have been kind of a mindfield. A mindfield full of death, mainming and fabulous prizes. Well, it’s will only be three bucks wasted. I spent eight on a ticket to see Max Payne, so why should I be so picky with my comics?

  6. I have no trouble admitting that I have lost all interest in these SI tie-ins.  Will continue reading as it gets me one issue closer to Dark Reign.

  7. "Find out in this very special Secret Invasion tie-in."

    Sounds like an episode of Alf about teenage drug use.

  8. @conor then i save 3 dollars when I come on this site and get told how great it was. Its a dark win or a good loss.

  9. Here’s why I’m buying this amidst the last disaster of an issue: It’s actually a new story instead of explaining things. Even if it isn’t that good, at least it’s something that I haven’t read several times before.

  10. Agh!!! Second time this has happenend. I swear off these Avenger tie-ins but then I first hear of a Illuminati moment…Then with this issue with my new favorite villain, Hood. Still wont pick it up, but it’s damn tempting.

  11. I honestly don’t know what everyone is complaining about. I’ve genuinely enjoyed every one of the SI tie-ins in New/Mighty Avengers… Sorry. Bendis is really building something here, and I feel like every little bit explained helps me to understand how all this happened and how it got by under everyone’s collective nose. I have no complaints with anything SI so far. Except maybe that X-Factor/She-Hulk disaster. 

  12. @Actual: So that last tie-in with Marvel Boy….Totally worth it?

    Fine if you like it but overall, it was a story that had to be told?

  13. *sigh* … Alf.

  14. I remember when the SI tie-ins were badass. Mighty Avengers #12-13 per exemple. Now it actually lame. The only thing that keeps me buying it is how its all going to lead into Dark Reign.

  15. I don’t get the tie-in bashing.  You buy it because it’s the New Avenger, which I’m pretty sure everybody was loving before Secret Invasion.  Now if this were Spider Man, or Inhumans SI tie-in’s them I could see everyone’s point.  I find it hard to believe a lot of people bought New Avengers for 40 issues and then didn’t buy them becuase Secret Invasion came through.  

  16. @cyberauron:

    I absolutely agree… but because I don’t read books until I buy them, it’s just a gamble I have to take.

  17. I thought this was pretty good–interested me in the Hood for the first time.  Before this, I wanted him to get shot.

  18. I liked this (although I had low expectations). I have to say I did call the Dormammu thing a ways in advance. Methinks this is the first part of the "search for Dr. Strange" 2009 story.

  19. i thought this was pretty good, but i have no prior knowledge of the hood. are there any good hood stories i can hunt down?

  20. I actually find the Hood kind of intriguing…

  21. I really like the Hood, Bendis bringing him back in New Avengers was one of the best ideas he ever thought of. I thought that entire arc with Hood and his gang was so entertaining, it was miles better then anyother Avengers story in a long time before that arc.

    I was really compelled to buy this issue cause I love the Hood. But with the recent uninterest of New/Mighty tie-ins I had to reconsider and not get it. Now I’m kicking myself cause this might’ve been an interesting tie-in for the first time in months….Damnit…

  22. This ish of New and last issue if Mighty both tied in well to the current ish of Secret Invasion, in such a way that makes you believe that if they could have maintained this tight a relationship between the books, it might’ve been worth it. Instead, this is one flicker of light in a murky chamber. 

    Points to Bendis for dredging up DORMAMMU! Hoyyaarrggh! 

  23. The SI tie-ins have been more miss than hit for me lately but this was a definite hit.  The art was fantastic as well.

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